Picture of the Day: This One Takes the Cake

Posted on October 21, 2006
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Bilal Zuberi

Cake seems to have become a universal dessert, perhaps only rivaled by rice pudding.

Frankly, I tend to prefer ice-cream cakes over cream cakes, but frankly I will take any cake, as long as it is not sugar free.

Over the years I have seen many shapes and sizes of cakes: from miniature cakes the size of brownies, to sheet cakes of 2 square foot area with a picture of edible Einstein on it.

But this one really takes the CAKE!

This, my friends, is an Eid Special Cake, baked in Lahore by an undisclosed bakery that I certainly would like to know more about. I noticed this picture in Dawn today and was left flabbergasted.

It is simply outstanding! I am no baking expert, but how in God’s name do you put a cake like this together? How many mini-cakes did it take to assemble this architectural masterpiece?

And how/where do you cut this cake? If served, would you prefer the mehraab, the drawaaza, or the gumnbad?

9 responses to “Picture of the Day: This One Takes the Cake”

  1. Adil Najam says:

    I must confess that thsi second picture (cake) is even more amazing than the first.

    One shey’r in Owais’s post also reminded me that in the major cities (certainly Islamabad) the ‘Eid Cake’ has really become as much of a staple on the table of goodies as sawaiaa’N.

  2. Bilal Zuberi says:

    Here’s a picture of a cake shaped like a mosque. Where was this cake made?:

  3. TURAB says:

    the amount of talent in Pakistan is amazing. I was blown away when i first saw the pic at dawn.com

  4. Kabir says:

    Can anyone post cool pictures of Eid in PK. I need to show my gora friends. The cake image is really cool, thanks

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    Is it the golden Taj Mahal ? The building facade doesn’t look edible though. It looks like made of same material as the main building pillar in the background. Real edible cake seems to start at the foundations of Taj Mahal :) Thanks for sharing this photo Bilal

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