Animation: The Morality of getting a Sui Gas Connection

Posted on December 12, 2006
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Adil Najam

In searching for graphics to go with Deeda-i-Beena’s post on Sui Gas Water Heaters, I stumbled upon this rather interesting animated filmat YouTube called Sui Gas ka Connection.

Sui Gas Ka Connection

Although I think it should have been much shorter than it it (around 4-5 mins rather than 15 mins) and becomes a little bit of a drag at times, it is interesting commentary on Sui Gas, NADRA, the rishwat culture in Pakistan and more.

It is a depiction of the now internalized view that in order to get anything you have to give rishwat. That corruption is not a social distortion, but a social fact. That it is somehow ‘the cost of doing business.’

Or, as our friend Darwaish has been discussing elsewhere, it is not just that we have developed a warped sense of morality; but that we have lost at least a part of morality. So much so, that someone doing the right thing is supposed to be ‘good’, because those doing bad are merely ‘normal’!

5 responses to “Animation: The Morality of getting a Sui Gas Connection”

  1. Abizaib says:

    It was very amateurish… but get the point.
    Kabir, how did you figure that this person used MAC for this video? I didn’t see any mention or Mac finger prints on it…

    Recently saw a great documentary on Pakistan earthquake by some Pakistani guy, it was worth watching and is in English, called Rebuilding @ 73 East ( 46104750860) This is what I call professional…

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    The urdu pronunciation of characters in the video is terrible. It is usually the first impression and it put me off :) One of the commentators kept calling the monster as ‘bilaa’ instead of ‘balaa’

    Video Graphics is GOOD

  3. Saadia Khan says:

    Ha corruption! its not a practice, its our culture that we even don’t know what is rishwat and what is not. Getting connection of gas, phone-line, electricity, making an ID card or passport, addmission of children in good schools or colleges, jobs and even internship in public or private sectors. If one claims that he never gave a bribe while living in Pakistan then I say that either he is ignorant to term of “Rishwat” or just lying.

  4. Kabir says:

    Nice to see start of 3D animations in PK. However! renderings need much improvments, the Final Cut Pro and Garage Band effects are too over rated so avoid em. Also lip sinking and transitions must be improved. Try using Blue CSO instead of green unless u r using 35mm film. This is shot on a regular DV. But great to see “Mac” penetrating Pakistan. We r in a process of launching a major Mac revolution in PK, so its good hope to see Apple working its way in. Wonder which 3D softs were used, I’d guess Maya or 3D max. The video is very much amateur, but keep it up, its a good attempt.

  5. Daktar says:

    Not impressed by the video. But the point is valid. There is a type of corruption that we don’t even think is corruption.

    Eg in the Nirala case the guy says he did nothing wrong and it was an accident… but if you are speeding, you ARE breaking the law and you ARE doing something wrong.

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