Bakra of the Day: Final Destination

Posted on December 31, 2006
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9 responses to “Bakra of the Day: Final Destination”

  1. Moeen Bhatti says:

    Adil: Please give ref. from evidence based medicine in the West. Pakistani docs. reaaly don’t know what clinical researh is and all they talk about is their persoanl experinece without any statistical support…Let me tell you my persoanl experience, you go to lakshami chowk, eat a real khabba, and make two rounds of model town park…and you are fine…regards…

  2. Adil Najam says:

    Here is a rather appropriate ‘end of Bakra Eid’ news story from the Daily Times (Jan 4, 2006):

    Medical experts and nutritionists have suggested people eat more fruits and vegetables to combat high cholesterol levels after the traditional gorging on beef and mutton during the Eid season. “Heart patients should eat juicy fruits such as oranges and other citrus fruits, or fruits like guavas and apples,â€

  3. Moeen Bhatti says:

    Nowhere it is mentioned that we are forbidden to enjoy botti tikka after the sacrifice is made….wine is forbidden in our religion, so is pork…but people don’t even like that we should enjoy halal botti tikka after we make sacrifice…I ‘m missing Laksami chowk, food street and the main market Lahore….

  4. Daktar says:

    It is apt, but I feel you are mocking us for turning the spirit of sacrifice into botti tikkas!

  5. ayesha says:

    Haha, so apt!!

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