ATP Poll Results: Pakistan’s World Cup Prospects

Posted on March 17, 2007
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Adil Najam

Pakistan plays its second group match in the 2007 World Cup Cricket against Ireland today.

Having already lost the first match to hosts West Indies, if the troubled Pakistani team also loses this game, it would have effectively eliminated itself from the tournament even before the ‘Super 8’ begin. On the other hand, if Ireland wins, it will be a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day windfall for the Irish.

Even though Ireland had pulled in a remarkable effort by tieing against Zimbabwe, the odds say that Pakistan will not lose today (and if they do, would there be any hope at all left for Pakistan cricket?). But around 20 per cent of our readers seem to think that Pakistan will fail to make it to the Super 8 – if not by losing today’s game, then by losing the last Group game against Zimbabwe. This according to the results of our ATP Poll on Pakistan’s prospects for the Cricket World Cup 2007.

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The overall prognosis from the Poll seems to be rather bleak.

  • A total of 398 votes were cast in the Poll.
  • Some 20 per cent (79 votes) believe that Pakistan will not even make it past the group stage into the ‘Super 8.’
  • This means that 80 per cent feel that the team will get into the Super 8. However, just about half (47 per cent; 188 votes) believe that Pakistan will not get beyond the Super 8 stage.
  • A total of 34 per cent (131 votes) believes that Pakistan will, in fact, get to the Semi-Finals. But 20 per cent (78 votes) are of the view that the team will get no further than the Semi-Finals.
  • 53 people (14 per cent) are of the view that the green caps will get to the Finals; and of these 43 (11 per cent of total) feel that we will win.

Personally, in this case I would hope that the majority is wrong and the 43 people who think that Pakistan will actually win the World Cup turn out to be correct. I hope so, but, frankly, I am not holding my breath.

152 responses to “ATP Poll Results: Pakistan’s World Cup Prospects”

  1. jinni says:

    Bilal is right. Musharraf wants to keep his friends happy and reward his loyalists. Shortcut Aziz is a mere spectator PM. Atta-Ur is busy milking the HEC by pumping out low quality PhDs according to respected scientist Pervez Hoodbhoy. Everyone except Musharraf wants to resign. Heck, even the Chairman of deeply troubled PIA resigned this week. Which makes me think if anything functions in Pakistan at all?

  2. Tamed~. says:

    For Nasim Ashraf.

    Sharam tum ko phir bhee nahi aati.

  3. Bilal Zuberi says:

    Musharraf has few friends left in Pakistan. And Naseem Ashraf and Shaukat Aziz (may I also include Atta-ur-Rahman?) are probably among them – primarily because their jobs hang on his being in power….so he will keep them around for as long as he is around, in one shape or form. These are no different than the royal family ministers in Middle Eastern states or the Attorney Generals in the United States.

    Remember that the Presidency may or may not be there tomorrow…but these friends are for life.

  4. Qadir Kareem says:

    In some ways Nasim Ashraf is a symbol of everything wrong with Pakistan cricket: A focus on the irrelevant, non-professionalism, lack of team spirit, and most of all a focus on everything except the game itself!

  5. Jabir Khan says:

    @Adnan wrote:

    He knew his resignation wouldn’t be accepted that’s why he faxed to the general.

    I think the dictator should start choosing words for his own resignation letter.

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