Posted on March 20, 2007
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52 responses to “Femme Feryal: A Woman of Accomplishment”

  1. […] Feryal Ali Gauhar’s second novel, No Space for Further Burials, attempts to break free of many of these stereotypes. A trained economist, filmmaker and former UN Goodwill Ambassador, Gauhar opts to publish her book in India , not a Western outlet. More importantly, No Space inverts the oft-hackneyed themes of displacement, war, America and the suffering Afghans, ultimately treating these grim motifs by focusing on the sanity and insanity implicit within personal narrative. […]

  2. Munir H. Shah says:

    I met Faryal Gauher at the launching ceremony of Documentary entitle ” Pakistan Poverty Assessment’ in the Auditorium of Planning Commission, GOP way back in the year 2002.

    I found in her a true humane with fascinating personality and very powerful pen. Being an activist of Protection of Environment and Conservation of Nature, I requested her to play her positive and dominating role and take optimum use of her being a celebrity too. The first thing is her sensitizing and strong advocacy against the ‘Furnace Mafia’ who have strong hands and lobby preventing the way for the introduction of alternative uses of the Renewable Energy, like electricity from Sun, Wind, Tidal Waves, Municipal Waste, etc. Only Germany is producing 35000 megawatt electricity from the Renewal Resources.

    Secondly she can be of tremendous help and assistance for introducing massive planting of Margosa (Neem) trees in Pakistan – the most environment friendly tree in the world.