Posted on April 11, 2007
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30 responses to “EU Bans Fish from Pakistan: Good or Bad?”

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  2. Muhammad Ahmar Nasim says:

    very informative site

  3. mazhar butt says:

    Qanetah, the link indicated by you doesn’t show up,,,,,,could you please see to it or paste it on this board?

  4. mazhar butt says:

    thank you, Qanetah. It’s high time that fisheries sector is got rid of political influences. It’s only due to these political pressures that ”closed season’ is not fully observed nor all governing rules are adhered to. Inter-departmental non -co-ordination and non-coperation continues to do more harm than good to the national fisheries sector. There should be just one Fisheries Authority to cater the needs of the industry.

    As for the fishermen, i would like to state that fishermen work on fishing boats on ”partnership” basis similar to ”hari’s” in agriculture. despite this they borrow handome loans which they never return from the ”absentee landlord—-owners of fishing trawlers”) Therefore, i dont agree with their hue and cry for compensation during off seasons.(if there is an off season as such). As for the fishermen who own their own boats—-small or big…….they work on them with their family members or people of their clans. they fish the year round and there is no need for compensating them Alternatively, every fishermen should be compelled to make a nominal contribution to a govt authority after each cruise towards ”premium” for self insurance or base for taking loans in case of need or some contingency. Fishermen are not beggars and not so poor as to live on charity.

  5. Khawaja Habib says:

    We waste our time and energy debating about religion when here are teh things that really mean something to people’s everyday life…. what messed up priorities