ATP Poll Results: The Benazir-Musharraf Deal

Posted on April 27, 2007
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Adil Najam

Benazir Bhutto says that it is now time to take the ‘risk’ of going back to Pakistan. Gen. Musharraf says that he expects to be elected for another term as President. Pundits seem sure that a deal is not only on the cards but is done. Some do wonder if it is merely another detraction tactic by the military government, but others argue that it may be a step – even if a tiny one – towards democracy.

But while most have been caught in the ‘Deal or No Deal’ question, we at ATP asked our readers whether such a deal – if made – would be good for Pakistan or not. As many as 654 of our readers spoke. And quite unambiguously.

In response to our question – “What would a benazir-Musharraf Deal Mean for Pakistan?” – as many of 84% (547 votes) of respondents say that it would either make no difference (‘Same old stuff’; 41%, 268 votes) or would actually make things worse (43%, 279 votes). Only 16% (16%, 107 votes) believe that such a deal would actually makes things better.

The result is surprising in how stark, clear and unambiguous it is. This is unusual for ATP Polls which have usually tend to show a divided viewpoint. The one exception had been the Poll on Chief Justice issue. Most other Polls – on ‘Grading General Musharraf‘, on ‘Who did the Most Good for Pakistan‘, on ‘What Gen. Musharraf Should Do about his Uniform‘ – had yielded rather divided views.

So, what is going on here? Why this sudden unanimity amongst our readers who tend not to be in such agreement on most issues?

Could it be just a high level of cynicism? Or is it that our readers tend to be more urban and come from cohorts that have tended not to be major BB supporters? Or – as some have said – those who come here are from a so-called ‘drawing room’ class? Or is it that our readers have a better sense of the pulse of the nation that political pundits do?

39 responses to “ATP Poll Results: The Benazir-Musharraf Deal”

  1. Buinsk says:

    Benazir Bhutto was feted as a symbol of modernity and fought a long battle against corruption allegations

  2. Tonica says:

    RIP Benazir Buto. Macedonia is with palestinia people.

  3. Shahid Akram says:

    Short and bold, as are muslims and believe in Almighty Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him), who clearly said that if the head of the state of a nation is woman, then they will never see the success, which means that woman should never be allowed to become a head of the state of of country where the people believe in Qurna and the Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.
    Regarding the deal of Benazir with Mr.Musharraf, which mean that he wants her to be prime minister. She served this post twice and what she did with the situations in Karachi and did anyone see any development or progress in her era of two terms. Her father turned the country to socialism and factories & the businesses were closed even destroyed. Just ask the owner of any of those factories who established them with their blood and swept and that man wiped them away like water of flood wiped away the buildings. Very sad for our public that every one is playing with them by different ways. If it is order of some foreign power that she must be the future prime minister of Pakistan, then where is democracy, she is just fixed by some one.
    enough to understand. Shahid – Canada

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:


    @you are not wrong !

    from october till now, the picture is clear !

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