Picture of the Day: Welcoming the ‘Check’ Prime Minister

Posted on May 11, 2007
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Adil Najam

On your left is the picture of the flag of the Czech Republic. On your right is a ‘Check’ (or, rather, checkered flag; often used in car racing. The two should never be confused. Except for the fact that ‘Czech’ is pronounced as ‘check.’

Ordinarily, this should not be a problem. But right now the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic is visiting Islamabad, and the Capital’s PR people have adorned flags on flagpoles and a number of (very) large banners to welcome him in the spirit of good hospitality. The only problem is that instead of putting the ‘Czech’ flags on the banners, they have ‘Check’ flags!

I saw these while driving back into Islamabad on the from the Airport. I rushed back to see if I would figure out who was responsible for this little gaffe and maybe alert them to the mistake before the Czech PM arrived. Unfortunately, it turned out that the Czech PM was already here.

I wonder what he and his team thought of this. Did they even mention it to their hosts or did they just keep politely quiet? I also wonder what they thought about the banner that read: “We Pray for the Czech Progress and Prosperity”?I am sure they liked the sentiment, but maybe they also wondered why Pakistanis are praying for Czech progress and prosperity instead of working harder for Pakistani progress or prosperity. On the other hand, maybe they do not think as hard about what is written on banners as I do!

I have no way of knowing this, but my theory of how this might have happened is this – Someone tells someone to find out what a Czech (read ‘check’) flag looks like; they look up ‘check flag’ on Google, and that is the one which makes it way on the banner.

Nice story for a chuckle? But how would you feel if the Pakistan Prime Minister goes to another country and they mess up the flags this way?

257 responses to “Picture of the Day: Welcoming the ‘Check’ Prime Minister”

  1. Quran Online says:

    Well its just an mistake…

  2. Afzal says:

    This is the extent how much people have started to believe on Google. I guess he just searched check flag on Google.com and put whatever he found on the poster the guy was in pretty hurry ……
    But you definitely have quite strong observation…

  3. Imran Aziz Tunio says:

    This is a negligence & mistake. I apologize to any Czech people for it. I again very sorry. I personally apologies as a Pakistani for this stupid mistake of ours. I hope our Czech friends will understand that this is a mistake.I don’t think anyone is defending this. So, therefore I requested to Gabi and Micheal please forget it and don’t make issue

  4. David Prchal says:

    Very good § :o)

    David Prchal v Brno Česká republika ” Czech Republik ! ” NOU ” Check Republik ” OK?


  5. Kumail Soomro says:

    This speaks volumes of the ignorance and negligence of those who developed this hoarding and put the checkered flag instead of the national flag of the Czech Republic. This would have sent a wrong people of the people of and the visiting Czech Republic. I have been to Prague, Czech Republic and it is a beautiful country. I wish that Pakistan develops this relationships with Czech Republic in the interests of both countries. Long Live Pak-Czech Frienship !

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