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Posted on November 8, 2008
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Asma Mirza

I stumbled upon this picture on Flickr. In backdrop of recent US elections and its impacts on Pakistan, I found it quite interesting.

What comes to your mind? Suggest a caption please!

Image: Hina Imtiaz on Flickr.

40 responses to “Suggest a Caption: United States of …”

  1. hina(to whom this picture belongs to) says:

    okay so stumbled upon my pic here…you should have atleast asked before using it because it’s being used by a newspaper aswell!…but anyhow….i read all the comments and wow i must say about the last few…well just to settle things down … this guy was selling used goods..clothes etc ..and was absolutely clueless about the fact that he’s sitting on a flag of usa!!..yes ignorance is bliss…i asked him and he didn’t knew what usa meant!…he was from afghanistan though…flag was just a rug for him….i’m surprised how many ppl thought that he was praying….@ hassan i totally second you….this image wasn’t staged or what so ever this babaji was packing his stuff when i took this pic and he just smiled for the shot…sweet of him…

  2. Daud Malik says:

    The New Pakistan!

  3. Aisha says:


    What does your presence in the UK have to do with your perception? You have access to the internet and world wide news from endless sources to get an understanding of what is truly taking place. Propaganda exists but is not so easily believed when the world is now our eyes that quickly uncovers the lies or 1/2 truths.

    I’m sorry that your memory is limited and even though you live in the UK, your allegiance is to militants on a killing spree in Pakistan and Afghanistan? As I recall the militants were killing Afghanis and Pakistanis way before the USA went to Afghanistan. So, you are saying that the suicide bombings that take place regularly all over Pakistan in Public places is because of the US presence in Afghanistan? Next thing you will be saying that US presence is the reason Benazir Bhutto was killed? I’m not buying their excuses. At the “moment” it is just convenient for them to blame it on US presence in Afghanistan. Whose fault will it be when the US leaves? Whose fault was it before the US was there? Seems to me that any scapegoat will do or justify the killing of innocent people.

    As for siding with the US, I have not. However, I do have major concerns for Pakistan and their ability to fight off these militants if/when the US leaves. I believe their presence is doing some good and is making a difference. It is my opinion that the militants want to take over an already unstable Pakistan.

    As for violence being a hobby for militants, lets just say that the majority have an uneducated Jahlat mentality and have been spoon fed a twisted perception of Islam (since that is supposedly their true cause) to win their loyalty to the cause. They simply don’t know that what they do goes against Islam and fighting for any cause however its been twisted is better than feeling like they are doing nothing with their lives or for their families. Besides, I believe their families are compensated financially and in many cases that is the most that these militants could ever hope to contribute to their families financial situation. What’s really ironic is the limited knowledge of Islam and practically complete ignorance of the Sunnah or Ahadiths by those supposedly fighting for Shariah Law.

    I believe that militants are fighting against the ideals of the original founder of Pakistan. They want to create their own Pakistan. They want to deny democracy in Pakistan. They want Pakistan to be governed soley by Shariah Law (which personally I don’t think is a bad thing); however, it would depend on exactly who and how punishment was distributed. If it’s anything like the Taliban was doing in Afghanistan then I say they can keep their hypocritical interpretation and enforcement of Shariah Law. Since they are incapable of keeping themselves in check and/or abiding by Shariah Law themselves. Ultimately, the decision on how Pakistan should be governed should lie in the hands of Pakistani citizens and I believe the majority have spoken. Militant leaders are simply sore losers. If they are so righteous then why are their organizations’ actions condemned in Saudi Arab? Why have they been thrown out of Saudi Arab?

    Those are my thoughts and I will end commenting on this article any further because I see this leading to religious views and I don’t believe this forum should become a religious battleground nor does the pic of the ol’ man kneeling on “any” flag justify such diversion from what is taking place in the pic.

  4. Bilal says:

    Watching this photograph, I couldn’t help but think of the lyrics (Below) to George Michaels song “Hand to mouth”:

    I believe in the gods of america
    I believe in the land of the free
    But no one told me

    That the gods believe in nothing
    So with empty hands i pray
    And from day to hopeless day
    They still don’t see me

  5. Zecchetti says:

    @ Aisha,

    Living in the UK I clearly see an entirely different view as to what’s happening in Pakistan. The frontpage story on ATP about the honesty of the Pakistani media comes to mind. I’m sorry to see how brainwashed you are. Do you even have a clue on why the militants are attacking? Is it because they couldn’t find a hobby??? Of course not! They are fighting back because the US has been bombing their villages, bombing their brothers in Afghanistan and installing a puppet goverment there, and allthewhile the Pakistani government has turned their back on them and sided with the US for a fistful of dollars!

    Please try and see the bigger picture. It is truly regretful that you choose to side with the US, who in my mind will one day bomb all Muslim countries including Pakistan until we give up our religion and adopt their values…

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