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Posted on November 8, 2008
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Asma Mirza

I stumbled upon this picture on Flickr. In backdrop of recent US elections and its impacts on Pakistan, I found it quite interesting.

What comes to your mind? Suggest a caption please!

Image: Hina Imtiaz on Flickr.

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40 responses to “Suggest a Caption: United States of …”

  1. Aisha says:


    Why does this man have to represent so much hatred?

    The Pakistani and US militaries are working side by side to prevent the Taliban and Al-Qaeda from taking over Pakistan and from regaining control of Afghanistan. From what I have read there have been no intentional bombings inside of Pakistan. I could be very wrong but how do you suggest they go about stopping the large numbers of elusive militants? Pakistani and American soldiers as well as innocent people have also died accidently by misguided missles in Afghanistan and intentionally by militants. However, the militaries have been repeatedly targeted and robbed by militants. Should they be permitted to steal 20 armored vehicles and truck loads of military supplies? lol….I think not. Perhaps one should be more supportive of the military than the militant suicide bombers who are intentionally killing innocent women, children, men and soldiers in Pakistan every single day.

    NO one likes war or living in fear and that’s why the militants have to be captured and stopped or it will never ever end if they are continually permitted to do as they please. ie. why stop robbing, killing, and raping if your not going to be punished? Mass brainwashing that turns men into militants has taken place. Eventually, militants and perspective militants will get the message that the odds are stacked against them and engaging in militant behavior will not be beneficial or without punishment…they will be held accountable. I would like to know “exactly” for what cause they have been brainwashed to thinking they are operating for and then somebody please entlighten to the truth of right and wrong.

    It is sad that such organizations like the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and other militant groups have such support in their lack of care or consideration for the lives of innocent people that the military needs to be involved to minimize the loss of liberty to a country.

  2. Asma says:

    @Zechetti: this poor man is not waving American flag at least. It is may be just a piece of cloth for him. Probably a piece of better quality.

  3. Hassan says:

    Lets not read more into the picture than there is. A poor man trying to find whatever little comfort in whatever piece of cloth he can. That is all this is.

  4. Zecchetti says:


    On the one hand the US bombs Pakistani towns and villages in the north, and on the other hand Pakistanis celebrate US politics and wave its flag! Another symptom of a terminally ill country…

  5. uncle sam says:

    Title: Jannat da mazza……
    Adil Sahib;
    Comments from Hina, For those who think this was staged:
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    S.N.Hussain [12days left 4 Bday] says:

    Lovely composition and concept
    Posted 6 days ago. ( permalink )
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    hina imtiaz says:

    he was sitting there like that!!…i just clicked..!!.

    thankyou anyway
    Posted 6 days ago. ( permalink )
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    S.N.Hussain [12days left 4 Bday] says:

    strange enuff to believe !! Where u found him
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    hina imtiaz says:

    Posted 6 days ago. ( permalink )

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