Picture of the Day: How Rumours Spread

Posted on May 28, 2007
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Owais Mughal

A month or so ago there was a widespread rumor in Pakistan that some virus is getting spread around via mobile calls. So much so that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had to give above clarification. The english translation goes like this: “There is no anti-health virus in the mobile phone”.

Credits: Photo by Raja Islam

13 responses to “Picture of the Day: How Rumours Spread”

  1. ali says:

    when the transmission of frequency through a mobile phone can open infra-red controlled based car locks, can make damage to lcd screens, can make disturbance in radio broadcasting, can be a reason of disorderness in heart arteries functionality (when u keep mobile on heart-side pocket), then why not the frequency transmitted from the other end was to boost the signals in brain which could be a reason to kill someone.

  2. Asma says:

    at least the horror en masse was :>

  3. Mahmood says:

    [quote comment=”49398″]and precisely this[/quote]

    A bit discouraging to hear that even our rumors aren’t original. :)

  4. Asma says:

    and precisely this

  5. shahran asim says:

    This reminds me my teacher of Cellular Wireless course as someone in the class ask about the Health hazards and he mentioned a study which concluded that it is 10 times more harmful to be close to a microwave during the heating process than having a cellphone next to your body. He used to tell us to keep yourself away from the microwave.

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