Picture of the Day: How Rumours Spread

Posted on May 28, 2007
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Owais Mughal

A month or so ago there was a widespread rumor in Pakistan that some virus is getting spread around via mobile calls. So much so that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had to give above clarification. The english translation goes like this: “There is no anti-health virus in the mobile phone”.

Credits: Photo by Raja Islam

13 responses to “Picture of the Day: How Rumours Spread”

  1. When some people in my city hear this news they will frighten.

  2. A.K. says:

    The number was


  3. Abdul Aleem says:

    Actually this rumour is not only limited to Pakistan. Recently, in UAE I saw a leading news paper explaining that “Mobile Phone Virus Scare” is a hoax on its Main Page.

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