Picture of the Day: Whose Cars are Rotting in Pakistan?

Posted on June 8, 2007
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Owais Mughal

I’ll let the photo do most of the talking. Just a brief introduction. These cars belonged to Fatima Jinnah and are now rotting at Sindh Archive offices in Clifton Karachi. Photo is taken from Trekearth.

35 responses to “Picture of the Day: Whose Cars are Rotting in Pakistan?”

  1. tomatooo says:

    its looking bad but if u will give sometime and money to these both cars it will give u the real fun and more exciting.

  2. Umar Shah says:

    the car on the left is a mid 50’s cadillac eldorado, a beautiful convertible and icon of it’s time, the car on the right is mid 60’s mercedes benz, i’d say a 200d. another beautiful automobile with signature tail fins. all i can say is, ‘what a wasteful shame’.

  3. veteran says:

    Mr Danish,
    what do you mean ‘politicians cars’. Please do not compare the founders of our nation with ordinary politicians, only a person who is not in the right frame of mind can compare Ms.Fatima Jinnah with the likes of BB and Nawaz sharif…

    I would like to reiterate Mr.Owais’ very pertinent statement;these cars are a part of our national heritage and they need to be preserved.

    Does anyone know if the cars can be purchased ?

  4. raza haider says:

    Bilal – the cars at Mohatta Palace are from peoples personal collection. I believe one of them is that Rolls Royce that Atif mentions in the post above: it used to belong to Nawab of Bahalwpur and legal heirs claimed that Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the last viceroy of the subcontinent had together travelled in this car.

  5. Neva says:

    So who’s going to do something about it? You can complain about the state of the cars and our country till you’re blue in the face but what are you doing to make it better?
    when are we going to come together and act as a community?

    It’s all well and good to complain and criticise but whenever I come back home all I see is the people of pakistan spending selfishly on clothes, cars and homes….

    Maybe some private investor could offer to bring those cars back to their original condition and donate them to a certain museum in Clifton.

    This is what the western civilisation does for their historical artifacts..no government in the world has time and money to allocate to two cars. It’s upto us, citizens of Pakistan to make it happen.

    Who’s going to start an organisation and gather donations, with half the proceeds going to bring the cars back to life and the half for a hospital, orphanage or any other charity which will help our community.

    Let’s come together for these to cars and help Pakistan as well.

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