Picture of the Day: Whose Cars are Rotting in Pakistan?

Posted on June 8, 2007
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Owais Mughal

I’ll let the photo do most of the talking. Just a brief introduction. These cars belonged to Fatima Jinnah and are now rotting at Sindh Archive offices in Clifton Karachi. Photo is taken from Trekearth.

35 responses to “Picture of the Day: Whose Cars are Rotting in Pakistan?”

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    Ali Khan

  2. waqt says:

    waqt ne keea kya haseen situm
    tum rahay na tum, hum rahay na hum

  3. tamour iqbal says:

    we didn’t took care of the country whi ch they gave to us all…cars are something much smaller than that..but seriously this brings tears to my eyes..
    it should not meant to be like this and somebody should do to something to protect these assets.

  4. Yasser Latif Hamdani says:

    These are part of history. Some car enthusiast ought to take up the project and restore them.

    Fatima Jinnah was a leader in her own right. After all it was she who brought together Pakistanis from East and West and from all walks of life and political ideologies (even Ghaffar Khan supported her) in 1965 … Had she been allowed to succeed she would have gone down in history as a greater leader than even Mr. Jinnah.

  5. I agree with all those who want re-furbishment of these cars having an historical attachment and thereafter can be put on display either at Mohatta Palace or at Quaid’s museum. It can only be called a cruel apathy on the part of the subsequent governments since Ms Jinnah’s death, on one hand and the managers of Quaid’s properties, on the other.

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