Putting Pen to One’s Wandering Thoughts

Posted on August 4, 2007
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Owais Mughal

Many of us go through times of leisure or bore dome where thoughts run free. One of my good friends actually penned down his thoughts in 2003. To date, this small innocent piece of writing remains one of my favorites. I simply love this writing because it is genuine. He didn’t write it with any pre-plot in mind. It just formed this way naturally. For our non-Urdu readership I’ll try to translate it in the end but with a caution that some of the humor may get lost in translation: Take a look:


One of My Disjoint Writings

Time: Sometime in the Year 2003

My name is Faisal and my age is many years. I was born and brought up in Rawalpindi. I received my early education at a local school and higher education at a non local school; which is located at a far-away place from my home. To reach this far away place one passes through a beautiful scenery. Just outside the city, there are lush green fields and crops of wheat which glitter like gold. Adjacent to these fields are grass eating animals. Among these animals, cow enjoys a special status. It remains busy in serving humanity day-in and day-out. Some cows are called city cows. (Few City Cows are shown to the right). They eat grass and produce milk. Their color is a mix of black and white. A cow has four legs and only one tail. Sometimes we bathe these cows to get them neat and clean. Then we let them get dry in the sun. If we squeeze water out of our wet clothes then they dry faster. But if some water still remains in them then we use a dryer machine. Good quality Washers and Dryers are only made in Gujranwala. And among Gujranwala brands the best one is ‘Cool Dry’ from Saleem Co. (company). The Motto of Saleem Co. is:

“Erases Filth and Brings Brightness, Cool Dry, Cool Dry” – Manufacturers: Salim Co. Gujranwala

Only yesterday I saw Saleem complaining to Hameed that he neither visits Saleem’s house nor calls him on phone anymore. Hameed‘s point of view on the other hand is that he is too busy visiting his own house so he doesn’t get time to visit Saleem‘s. Whenever Hameed gets some free time he starts visiting his own house again. From the act of visiting his own house, we should not suspect on Hameed‘s mental health but the real reason of this abnormal behavior is Kiran. Kiran is a very pretty and distant relative of Hameed and after giving her exams she is spending her vacations with Hameed‘s family. Hameed is in love with her and like a normal male he is trying his utmost best to impress her and to get her attention. I am so busy that I am sitting in my office writing this short story or whatever you call it. Englishmen around me are busy speaking English so I thought I should also use my energy in something useful, and hence I am writing these lines. But bravo on you guys who have put aside all the work and are busy in reading these disjointed thoughts.

5 responses to “Putting Pen to One’s Wandering Thoughts”

  1. Benawa says:

    Merely calling it “love” is rather tame; simply doesn’t cut it!
    The truth of the matter is that, “Hameed is smitten with Kiran.”

  2. This post is seem that it is written by a child, but not actullay written by child.

  3. mazhar butt says:

    Not as BAy Rabt as Jonson’s diaries !

  4. baber says:

    nice post Owais Bhai…….
    I like the use of english words in the essay like
    “Ek normal mard ke tara”
    “Impress kar nay may lagah hay”

    and your transalation of
    “Hameed ishaq may giraftar hay” to Hameed is in love

  5. Indscribe says:

    Once in a while these lighter posts really make it interesting reading. Though such writings are quite common, still, reading it in Urdu, especially handwritten in white with the black background, I found it cute.

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