More than 100 dead…and Benazir Returns

Posted on October 18, 2007
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Owais Mughal

Lately no news coming out of Pakistan seem to be good news. This afternoon I started writing about Benazir’s return in lighter words focusing on hilarious statements coming out of our politicians on her return and then this horrific news of scores of people dead started coming in. My lighter mood vanished totally and now I am left wihout words and more questions like, Why? Who? what now? etc.

The headline news on CNN reads as follows right now:

An explosion near the motorcade of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto killed at least 110 people and injured 200 more, officials say. Bhutto, returning after years in exile, reportedly was unhurt.

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While we are glad that she remained safe, our sincere prayers are with those innocents who lost their lives.

zabt laazim hai magar dukh hai qayamat ka
zalim ab ke bhi na roay ga to mar jaaye ga

102 responses to “More than 100 dead…and Benazir Returns”

  1. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    PPP ka mehroom voter

    Bazm-e-Saqi mein Nazar nichi kiay baitha honn

    Thak gai’i hay ankh phirtay phirtay Paimanay ke sath.

    If a new Martial-law

    Agar bijli ka da’r hoga to unn ko
    Bulandi par hay jinka ashianaa

  2. Naseer says:

    – A few couplets (doha) from Aali-
    It is quite apt for this darkness-
    — dhoein bhare hain diloun mein, dimaagh jalte hain
    chaman ke jism pe gul bunke daagh jalte hain-
    koi sabab koi iska ilaaj bhi hoga,
    ke hum bahaar sajate hain daagh jalte hain —

    Naseer- Karachi

  3. Naseer says:

    Dear All- This is an off the cuff comment( not necessarily linked) on what Imran Khan wrote in the Sunday Telegraph on BB’s return.
    What was funny though was that both Immi and Jemima wrote against BB.
    This is also called like mindedness.
    Anyway- my comments–
    What should be understood by the ‘West’ is that the Sun rises from the East and will continue blazing hot on our heads till it sets on the West, which does’nt seem likely in the near future.
    Mr Imran Khan, being a good man that he is, should set his priorities right.
    Though he may have studied with Benazir at Oxford, their priorities were quite different, as we know from the media.
    There are many good people like him who speak the truth, but his forte is his charisma carried forward from his cricketing days, which does not always translate into votes( in these god forsaken times).
    People are fed up with street politics, why should’nt they be where the destinies of our less fortunate countries are decided on the steps of White House and in the backyard of Downning Street.
    I disagree with Imran that this bombing may force people(the politicians) to sit around a big table and review the srategy on terror.
    This sitting down they do numerous times a day on various TV channels, which our General has allowed to bloom for this very purpose benevolently looking down.
    He has also sat with the entire opposition parties of Pakistan, in London, sans BB.
    I can’t understand why President Bush ‘breaks fast ‘ with muslims whereas he does’nt even know why the muslims fast at all despite being a good christian himself.
    The thing is that you should know yourself and not tell others what they should be.

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    After being gone thru all the comments very realistic,
    tolerant, logical, emotiona, well

    My Question to All the Lawyers in Pakistan

    what is hindering you to take and go to court against
    BB, PPP Karachi Police in civil as well as penal Tribunal
    to nail the culprits, in the first instance Benazir for manslaughter, homecide in her own person responsible
    for the death of 150 and 500 injured for life, malgr

  5. Naseem Islam says:

    I salute Mr.Salman Iqbal CEO ARY and his team for the way they paid their final respects to the ARY cameraman Mr. Arif Khan, who lost his life in the bomb blast, while covering Ms. Bhutto’s return to Pakistan.The CEO gave “kandha” to his janaza, a documentary is being aired acknowledging Mr. Arif Khan’s contribution in the Media World. Most of all I salute Mr. Salman Iqbal and Directors of ARY for having pledged to support the photographers family.

    Sadly no politicians who were traveling with Ms. Bhutto on the float bothered to visit the hospital to provide any kind of support to their injured and dying party supporters. I wish politicians would learn something from the above example.

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