Pakistan Searches For a ‘Qualified’ Prime Minister: Any Suggestions?

Posted on November 30, 2007
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Adil Najam

I found this full page ad in Dawn very interesting. And also very democratic. Maybe a national conversation does need to be held on who (or what qualities) makes for a good prime Minister?

DAWN ad searching for Prime Minister of Pakistan

(click picture to see a larger, more readable, image)

Do you have any ideas? Lets try to do this not on the basis of who can win, but who (or what qualities) should we want as our Prime Minister. At least as an intellectual exercise, and a national conversation, we should be able to get out of Benazir Bhutto v. Nawaz Sharif v. Pervaiz Elahi type of ‘pragmatic’ discussion into a discussion of what we really would like to see in a Prime Minister. Dawn’s set of criteria is a very good place to start.

So, folks, give us your ideas but please please please do not again repeat the same old slogans and naaras about why you don’t like who you don’t like. Lets try to focus this on who you like, and why. And even this is someone who has no real chance of winning, lets at least think about what qualities makes you wish that this person would win.

The ad gives these criteria for the person we should be looking for:

  • He should be bold in upholding the law without fear or favor, but his actions must be tempered by the heart.
  • He must be learned in teh art of policy making, but not lacking in mobilizing popular support for his policies.
  • He must be honest to a fault, but neither dull nor unimaginative as to be able to figure our white-collar crime.
  • He must deal with civil servants with firmness and retain an unerring belief in teh rule of law. He must allow a sense of participation around him so the Pakistani electorate is able to guide his thinking. He must shepard a nation of activists – not police a fold of huddled sheep.

One should note that they clarify: “This man or indeed woman could be completely unknown. Or it could be that astute and honest politician who long deserves recognition for integrity, competence, or even an ability to perform a deft Machiavellian maneuver.

93 responses to “Pakistan Searches For a ‘Qualified’ Prime Minister: Any Suggestions?”

  1. Imaan Hazir says:

    Shireen Mazari has all the qualities needed by a good leader and she should have the chance to take this country somewhere. If one reads her columns, they can tell what a brilliant perspective she has on everything. She truly loves this country and has devoted her life to it. The ISSI was nothing till she came in as the DG. She completely transformed it and now it is an amazing think tank.

  2. Muhammad Saleem Khan says:


    I want to say that there is nothing for a common man in this country. One should come with an idea to eridicate this common man. The problem will be solved automatically.

    Because the poor common man is confused that what is and not the “Qaumi Mafaad”. In my view all the political & military people are the robbers. They perform their robbery change their faces, comes with a new look and do the same again.

    Ameer-e-shehar ,garib-e-shehar ko loot laita hai.
    kabi bahelai mazhab to kabi banamay watan.

    Sorry i can’t say

    Pakistan Zindabad..


  3. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Intikhabi Nishaan (Electoral Symbols) ES

    @ Dear colleague commentators,

    you must have heard that Pakistan Election Commission has
    allocated to 42 of election contestants parties, their
    electoral symbols (If I am correct) e.g.

    PPP Sh.Bhutto = Mukka ( punch)
    PPP BB = Tir (Arrow )
    PPP Sherpao = Chiragh (candle)
    PPNational = Tractor

    Chiragh-e-tour jalao Bara andhera Hay !!!

    Mukkon ki syasat ho , Ya Bauchaar tiron ki
    Tractor baich kay milti nehein rozi Gharibon ki

    Pakhtoon Khawa
    Milly Awami Party = Darakht (tree)

    Shajar Nasal ka ho, to ussay pholnay ne do
    Aisay Darakht ko tum, Jaar say ukhaar do


    Pakistan Ghareeb Party = Kursi (chair)

    Kursi mili agar jo is bechaaray Ghareeb ko
    Pehchaan ne pao gay tum aisay Ghareeb ko.

  4. YLH says:

    Well Kruman, I am none of these things… but I might just make it to the second round.

    Will keep everyone posted.

  5. Kruman says:

    Here are the qualifications:
    – more docile than Jamali
    – more shameless than Justice Battar. Justice Battar’s sister was groped by police outside SC, yet he took oath of allegiance to Musharraf. It is fact check the papers back in March/April 2007
    – more corrupt than BB

    Only such a person can be manipulated and controlled by the establishment.

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