Pakistan Elections 2008: Who Do You Support, and Why?

Posted on January 4, 2008
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Adil Najam

We want to do a blogging experiment (which requires us to put all comments under moderation) and really let our readers write this post on Pakistan’s Elections 2008. What we are doing is not unique, but there is a twist to how we wan to do it.

First, here is the question we want you to answer for us:

Please tell us which political leader or party you support, or you think should be supported, in Pakistan’s elections 2008 and why?

Now, here are the rules – and we will implement these rules strictly, so please do read them carefully. All comments that meet these criteria will be published. Comments that do not meet these criteria will not.

Rule #1: It is not enough to say who you think should be supported, you need to tell us WHY you think they should be supported. In fact, getting to the WHY is the only real point to the exercise.

Rule #2: We understand the importance of comparison and competition in politics, but you are NOT allowed to say who should NOT be supported (or why they should not be supported). You can only tell us who should be supported and why. You can only tell us who you think is ‘good’ and what is ‘good’ about them. Any mention at all of who you think is ‘bad’ or what is ‘bad’ about others will disqualify the comment.

Rule #3. Please do not try to be too “clever.” We are sure you are all very bright and we also know that you are passionate about your preferences. All of that is very good. However, in our moderation we will err on the side of caution and delete any attempt at all to circumvent Rule #2. So, please read your comment carefully before submission to make sure that it cannot be inadvertently understood as an attempt to get around Rule #2.

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Rule #4. This brings us to our last and final rule. All comments on this post are placed automatically in moderation and will appear only after a system moderator approves them as having met the rules laid out here. Over the next couple of days we will try to look at the moderation queue as often as we can to reduce the time that comments stay in moderation. However, do please expect some delays between your posting a comment and its appearing here. Also, if you feel that your comment has been moderated, you are welcome to repost the comment this time wording it in a way that meets all these rules, especially Rule #2. While commenters are welcome to post comments more than once – especially if they are building on someone else’s comment – we will remove multiple comments from the same person if the content is the same or very similar; please, do not try to spam us with such repeated comments.

If you think that your leader or party has not gotten a fair deal from us at ATP or the media or the electorate, here is your opportunity to make a case for them. You can make a case for anyone you want. You just cannot make a case against anyone.

I realize that we do often make choices based primarily on what or who we do not like, rather than who or what we like. There is nothing wrong per se with that, but for our purpose we are taking that option off the table.

Too many of us take too much please, too often, in being cynical. Therefore, I suspect that focusing on our positive energies might turn out to be rather difficult for some of our readers. I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

119 responses to “Pakistan Elections 2008: Who Do You Support, and Why?”

  1. kashif ali says:

    congrates mqm we love mqm

  2. ghotki says:

    asalam o alakum
    i am mohsin ali siyal from ghotki sindh.i have support ppp since my birth but ppp has not given us any think.i loved ppp i am loving ppp i will be loving ppp till death.
    i am doing private job in news1 and tv1 as junior satellite engr.i have passed engr in first division in electronics…i want to get job in govt or in ptv as i support ppp in media..
    so i am requesting bilawel saheb,asif ali zardari sahab,makhdoom sahab and all pppp authority that help me in govt job…sir i am waiting for help of ALLAH and u
    my cell no 03337245877

  3. Malik sheraz says:

    Congrats Nawas shrief
    I wish all the best

  4. Sir/Madam,
    Dare to raise your voice for the inevitable socio-political change in Pakistan, to empower the Pakistani , the country belongs too.

    Since the creation of Pakistan the Pakistani people are left at distant from the corridor of power so that the ruling elite can do what they wanted to do in favour of their interest, leaving the Pakistani people at the mercy of circumstances. As this policy is denial of right of Pakistani people to rule their country according to their aspiration and desire to built this country, which can provide equal opportunity to all without any discrimination for the establishment of welfare society. Only the society base on tolerance, equality and justice can be the real guarantee for the prosperous and strong Pakistan there for your intention is invited to the crucial movement which could be the point of distraction or disaster.

    We have already lost the major part of Pakistan in 1971 simply to save the centralised sole power to exploit this country by the ruling elite they let the country break in part then allowing the masses to rule this country democratically. In the present circumstances we are again dragging our sovereignty at stack for the external interest in the name of national interest, instead of our interest i.e. the interest of Pakistani people at large.

    The only way out of these crucial circumstances is the only way to empower the common Pakistani at grass route level i.e. the change of system. This change is inevitable for the prosperous Pakistan .As a citizen of this country I have try to provide an alternate socio-political system to empower the masses at grass route level for rapid industrial and agriculture development with transparency and accountability in the system. Along with basic guarantees for the creation of welfare state, where in public representative and institution shall be answerable and accountable to the masses.

    Kindly see web site

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