Posted on March 15, 2008
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52 responses to “Bomb Blast in the Heart of Islamabad”

  1. FAUZIA says:

    I would like to propose to the government that the shoudl build a monument to all the Pakistanis who have died in all these suicide bombings. Something powerful so that we never forget the murder and hatred that is being spread in our society.

  2. Yousaf says:

    Its indeed very sad as well as frightening to see such massive explosions in public ares killing hundreds :S. I wonder whats going to happen. Specially when our government is happy that no VIP was hit. I guess all this is pre-planned to isolate Pakistan on international fronts and totally block foreign investment and make it as frightening as possible for foreigners to travel here
    I can’t sleep after seeing very disturbing images ate different websites like riott-suicide-bomb-blast/