Yousuf 9000: Second Pakistani to Reach Cricket Milestone

Posted on April 11, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Today when Mohammad Yousuf scored a boundary off the bowling of Abdur Razzak (Bangladesh) he completed his 9000 runs in One Day International (ODI) career. He is the second Pakistani and World’s 12th batsman to reach this milestone.

The list of Pakistan’s top 10 batsmen in terms of career runs is as follows. The number in parenthesis is their World Ranking in terms of ODI career runs.

1.(3) Inzamam-ul-Haq: 11739 runs at 39.52 runs per innings
2.(12) Mohammad Yousuf: 9013 runs at 43.75
3.(13) Saeed Anwar: 8823 runs at 39.21
4.(22) Javed Miandad: 7381 runs at 41.7
5.(24) Saleem Malik: 7170 runs at 32.88
6.(30) Ijaz Ahmed: 6564 runs at 32.33
7.(40) Rameez Raja: 5841 runs at 32.09
8.(44) Shahid Afridi: 5396 runs at 23.87
9. Aamer Sohail: 4780 runs at 31.86
10. Younis khan: 4614 runs at 32.26

Now on bowling front another record occured when:

Shahid Afridi’s ODI Wickets Tally Surpassed Those of Shoaib Akhtar’s.

Afridi is now Pakistan’s 5th highest wicket taker in ODIs. As of today, the Top 10 wicket takers of Pakistan in ODI are:

1. Wasim Akram (World #1) 502 wickets at 23.52 runs/wicket
2. Waqar Younis (World #3) 416 wickets at 23.84 runs/wicket
3. Saqlain Mushtaq (World #12) 288 wickets at 21.78 runs/wicket
4. Abdul Razzak (World #17) 246 wickets at 31.13 runs/wicket
5. Shahid Afridi (World #24) 223 wickets at 35.39 runs/wicket
6. Shoaib Akhtar (World #25) 219 wickets at 23.20 runs/wicket
7. Imran Khan (World #35) 182 wickets at 26.61 runs/wicket
8. Aaqib Javed (World #36) 182 wickets at 31.43 runs/wicket
9. Mushtaq Ahmed (World #37) 161 wickets at 33.29 runs/wicket
10. Abdul Qadir (World # greater than 50) 132 wickets at 26.16 runs/wicket

9 responses to “Yousuf 9000: Second Pakistani to Reach Cricket Milestone”

  1. Owais Mughal says:

    With today’s win, Pakistan has improved their own record of most consecutive ODI wins. It now stands at 11 wins in the last 11 matches.

    Eventhough, out of 11 matches, 5 wins came against Bangladesh and 5 against Zimbabwe (1 was against India), a Record is a Record and a cup-of-tea is a cup-of-tea :)

    Pakistan’s previous record was of 10 consecutive ODI wins which was made 18 years ago in 1990 when Pakistan won 4 consecutive ODI against New Zealand, 3 vs West Indiaes, 1 vs Australia, 1 vs India and 1 vs Sri Lanka.

  2. D_a_n says:

    @ Expat…

    and ofcourse you have unshakeable evidence of Asif Iqbal’s betting right?

    such tosh!

  3. A great achievment! not to belittle on any count. It does matter to consider who were the opponants one scores against but the record books will always place him under all time greats. For example, Sachin Tendulkar, another great batsman, can he be called any less than Gavaskar or Richards despite he is known to be less or no contributor to India’s winnings? His most centuries have gone wasted and never called to be a match winner! Indians place him alongside the greatest of all, Don Bradman, right or wrong does not matter. On the other hand our own Inzi had a reputation of a match winner, almost all his centuries contributed to Pakistan’s victories.

    I Wish Yousuf greater successes in future. By the way, has anyone noticed, his color got fairer eversince he converted to Islam!

  4. Ali says:

    Would have been nicer if you had used his more recent pic…anyways, thanks for the info.

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