Shoaib Akhtar: How Many Times Can You Say You’re Sorry?

Posted on April 28, 2008
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Adil Najam

A general rule that many parents teach their children is that if you have to keep saying “sorry” for the same mistake again and again and again and again; then, apology loses its effectiveness, and you your credibility.

A first instinct at hearing about Shoaib’s Akhtar “unconditional apology” to the nation and the PCB for his repeated misbehavior is to remind him of this fact.At the same time, however, parents do also know that sometimes it does take a few repeat mistakes for us to actually and truly feel sorry. Parents also know that sometimes we ourselves overdo our anger and place in penalties that exceed the mistake.

Shoaib Akhtar’s most recent misadventures may be a case of all of the above.

There is a part of his “bad boy” image that has, in fact, gone out of control. But it may also be the case that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) may actually have been overzealous just to set an “example”. And one does truly hope that age and public humiliation might combine to mellow him down – maybe not as a bowler, but certainly as an impresario.

Here is the news (from Reuters) of Shoaib Akhtar’s unconditional apology to the nation and to PCB as the tribunal set up to hear his appeal against the 5-year ban on him meets.

Fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar made an unconditional apology on Monday to a Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) tribunal hearing his appeal against a five-year ban. Shoaib was suspended earlier this month for repeated disciplinary violations, the most recent being his criticism of board policies when the new central contracts were announced in January. “I would like to apologise from the bottom of my heart for any grief and embarrassment I have caused with my actions and sayings to the nation, my team and the Pakistan Cricket Board,” said the 32-year-old in a statement read out by his lawyer Abid Minto. “I have resolved to alter my habits and to refrain from any such actions in future.” Former high court judge Aftab Farrukh, heading the three-man tribunal, said: “His apology will be given due consideration … and taken as a cause for leniency.” Shoaib, suspended on six counts of indiscipline, filed his appeal earlier this month with his lawyers saying then that the ban was illegal and unconstitutional.

Now, you decide for yourself.

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  1. shaheryar says:

    i think now it is time for PCB to take some action aginst this so called “rawalpindi express” and set an example for others for good.take an example from australia about Andrew Simonds.there should be no compromise on discipline atleast.
    i think worst is definitely about to come for SHOAIB. ures/Comments-Pic-02.jpg

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