ATP Comic Quiz: What Have They Been Thinking?

Posted on May 13, 2008
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Adil Najam

Sometimes the only way to deal with a really serious situation is to make it funny. So, here is our little experiment to see what words you would put into the “leaders” mouth (please, no batameezi!).

Pakistaniat Comic Quiz by Adil Najam
So, basically, here is the storyline we all know so well. What we do not know is what these guys have been actually thinking and saying.

So, lets try to imagine what that might be. Help us write the dialogue to this comic strip – either the whole story or parts of it. Essentially, there are six dialogues/thoughts to fill in: two by Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ #1; AAZ #2), three by Nawaz Sharif (NS #1, NS #2, NS #3) and one by Gen. Pervez Musharraf (PM #1).

Maybe, if we get good responses we will plug the best lines into the call-outs and put up a final strip!

29 responses to “ATP Comic Quiz: What Have They Been Thinking?”

  1. Daktar says:

    Like the selection of pictures there and the expressions in them.

    Even without any words, the tell the whole story.

    The second picture with Nawaz Sharif trying to make a point and Zardari looking as if he doe snot care is priceless.

    My suggestion for this one is that Nawaz Sharif is saying: “Yaar, koee khuda ka khouf karro, mairay chootay chootay arman hain”

  2. Yousuf says:

    IMHO, ‘Pakistaniat’ is a forum where a patriotic Pakistani expresses his views and invites those of other people, too.

    Let rationality prevail… I believe that any debate (at any forum) can neither dissolve the democracy of Pakistan, nor paralyze the government, nor can it cease the supply of food and electricity in the country.

    I am impressed that Adil has abstained from bashing the govt in harsh words and, instead, he has provided a nice humorous angle to the on-going political jestery.

    Keep up the good job!

  3. Steve says:

    LISTEN…stop fooling around, this is really silly, we are looking at a country that is going to be ruined and all you have to do is this..? whats wrong with you…I fully agree with Ali Hasan, this is serious stuff guys, why don’t we do something thats going to make our fathers proud of us…Get rid of this crap and get on with reality, people are suffering in Pakistan, they need help, we, being out of Pakistan may not understand what they are going, lets get everyones advise on what should happen…lest talk about what these new rulers are doing..and what they promised to do…which honestly, I don’t see coming. Mr. Musharraf came into power 8 years ago and whatever he promised he did, its only cause of these outside eliments that had derailed him from give us everything he promised…I can tell you for sure, that if these people do not leave politics, Pakistan is going down.

  4. Ali Hasan says:

    Adil Najam Sahib,

    While I understand that you would like to show off your photoshop and art talent, which I must say is really good, I would strongly suggest that you do not turn this blog into Fox News/Geo.

    I have been following your blog for a few years now and had always been proud of the intellectual posts or pieces on Pakistan all of which were of high standards. This latest Fox Newish trend that you have adopted is not befitting of this blog and is a major turn off.

    Can we please go to the good old All Things Pakistan without the addition of Indian Songs Lyrics to Caricatured Pakistani politicians?

    Thank you


  5. SH Kavi says:

    PM:1 Itnee na berhha pakiay damah ki heqayat
    Damun ko zara dekh zara budey qba dekh
    AZ:1 Abhi to dil mey halki see kalish mahsoos hoti hai
    Bohut mumkeen hai kul iska mohabat naam ho jaey
    NS: 1 Mohabat mey ajab hai diloen ko dherka saa
    Na janey kone kahaen raasta badal jaey

    NS:2 Ghazub kia terey wadey pay aeteybar kia
    Tmam mah bahalee ka intezar kia
    AZ:2 Too hai herjaey to apney bhi yehi tor sahi
    Too nahi aur sahi aur nahi aur sahi
    NS:3 Shayud esee ka naam nafrut hai shaifta
    Aik aag see hai seeney kay inder lagi hoo e

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