“Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

Posted on May 14, 2008
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Syed Ahsan Ali

Recently PPP’s co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari told media categorically that we were not elected for the restoration of judges but for basic issues such as roti, kapra aur makaan. Since then factions in media have been trying to build up an argument about what is more essential, our basic necessities or restoration of an individual?

I am not going to ponder here about what did we vote for? But I’d like to draw the attention of all of my readers towards another thing which becomes a norm now in Pakistan society. We are turning into “us” and “them” kind of people who are always standing on one side of the line. As the famous line from Rodney King after the Los Angeles riots goes, “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

In last few years, we heard all kinds of divisionary rhetorics, moderates or liberals, conservatives or non-conservatives, clean-shaven or bearded, extremist or non-extremists. Is it necessary to chose between the two? Why are we always like to be black and white, why can’t we own the grey areas in our lives, in our personalities and in our societies? Why am I forced to say that I voted for restoration of deposed judges? Can’t I say that I voted to choose leadership that could help this country in sorting out all basic issues whether it is grain, electricity, law and order or independent judiciary?

This mentality of to be one side of the fence is making our task of co-existing doubly difficult. It is dragging us to the new limits of extremity where we would always be bound to make such choices. It is also hampering our younger generation to develop an understanding which teaches them to accept certain things in life whether we like it or not. One thing about the life that we accept is its imperfection.

Why can’t we say with sense of ingenuity that President has done some good in the past eight years at the same time when he made some horrendous decisions? Why do we forget that Shoaib Akhtar has won matches as well for Pakistan in his career along with creating some mind-boggling controversies?

I accept that we have to draw a line when and what is more than enough and we should step forward to stop something bad to happen. But for that we have to keep our sense of astute decision-making alive at any cost. And unfortunately in past few years we have lost that. If we keep persisting with this thinking then tomorrow we would start out crying about weather, border, color of flowers, taste of fruits as we do when it comes to having beta or beti.

Now we all should promise ourselves that next time someone comes out and asks passionately whether you are with us or with them then we hold on for a second and decide that you can be on the both sides with clear thinking, focus and a will to co-exist.

We better learn quickly to co-exist and adjust.

23 responses to ““Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

  1. mohammed ali jawaid says:

    No one will agree more with you Mr. Ahsan. However, issues of national importance such as Judges issue are bound to devide the nation in taking sides. When the question of right or wrong surfaces one naturally goes to the side he considers right.

    Same goes with the voting in elections. One votes to a person or a party he considers capable of doing the desired things. There cannot be a middle way here. Majority of people does not vote as they think it an excercise in futility and remain ‘neutral’.

    Issues like Shoaib’s is not of national importance and can have two opinions. One can sit at a distance and give his unbiased opinion keeping both posistive and nagative aspects in mind.

    But, in case of a house security guard who uses his gun, you’ve given for guarding purposes, to demand you vacate the house he was guarding, claiming it as his own, how can you or your neighbors remain neutral or positive about the unreasonable act of the guard?? Will you condemn and praise him at the sametime? You will certainly condemn him and hand him over to the police for his action instead of praising for any exemplary service he has given to your family.

    An illegal act will remain illegal until you change the very law that renders it illegal.

  2. Steve says:

    Thats 3 votes for Mushrraf to get back into power…I still see no good in this new government…stock went down today and guess what…its going to make this worse off for Pakistan. I friend of mine has closed all his business in Pakistan and is back in Dubai last night…I don’t know how many people are going to pull out…I already know Middle East Investors are thinking of pulling our incase nothing happens in the next couple of months..I know Mushrraf does not need any votes..but How did he lose this election…WHY? what did he do that was so wrong….I can’t understan, do people in Pakistan really like these corrupt people, I personally don’t think so….so come on guys…get friends to get together, lets make this happen….for us for our parents and our children…we don’t want them to live like this…..right…..BRING BACK MUSHRRAFFFF!!!!! NOWW!!!

  3. Ayaz Siddiqui says:

    Steve and friends….Our guy Musharraf does’nt and dont need VOTES. (smirking)

  4. Inam says:

    My vote is also with you steve.[;)]

  5. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @ Sadiq Bhai,

    permit me, if you would just take the pain
    to explain us all, where on earth, there is no
    classification of evil and good ??

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