Posted on May 25, 2008
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33 responses to “Pakistani Rupee’s Record Slide Versus US Dollar”

  1. t mobiles says:

    Thank you for the information. Great job you have done and keep it up.

    (seo full training DVD only 300 R.s )

  2. arif khan says:

    believe in your better nature,get rid of the fraudsters parading as politicians;they will bite the hand that feeds them,start paying your taxes in full and set up human your countrymen..too often i see that they resent each other at home and abroad this weakens you as a people because you run away from trouble rather than run to help your fellow man..each thinks they are of better or noble birth and look down their noses..your all pakis as far as the world is concerned..untrustworthy,filthy,rotten,cowards and racist to the’re all benefit cheats in the uk and yet you hate the white mans system of equality,go back home and start a just movement,sitting on your hands here makes you sterile in both lands

  3. President of Pakistan ( )
    M IMRAN YOUSAF-19105