Hot off the Urdu Press – 9

Posted on August 4, 2008
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Owais Mughal

(1) Rustam-e-Pakistan dangal reaches Finals Stage

Mr. Basheer Bhola Bhala has qualified for the Finals of Rustam-e-Pakistan dangal after knocking out Mr. Azhar Lurhka within 10 minutes in the Semi Finals

Following is a photo of Rustam-e-Pakistan dangal procession (July 25, 2008), where wrestlers along with their teachers are passing through the city streets. Will our knowledgable readers confirm if they recognize Bashir bhola bhala or Azam Lurhka in this photo? The guy in pink turban looks like Basheer but he doesn’t look bhola bhala (simpleton) so I am at a loss.

(2) Weather Report for Gujranwala, August 4, 2004

A hopelessly romantic reporter of Jang has fielded this classic weather report about Gujranwala today.

(3) What Happened when a Post Mortem House got shifted

skeletonAfter the PM (post mortem) house got shifted near a boys and a girls educational institute in Shaikhupura; All local social, political and religious parties have joined hands to start an agitation movement. Good to see everyone coming together for a cause. One person has rightly claimed that the reason behind this agitation movement is that new vicinity of Post Mortem house will create scare and panic among the students of nearby institutions.

(4) Ex-Chief Minister’s ‘kharaag

This person has lost Chief Ministership but still enjoys the same un-official perks as before. Should I dare to use the Urdu idiom:

‘zinda haathi ek laakh ka, aur murda haathi sawa-laakh ka’

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Photo Credits: Rustam-e-Pakistan dangal photo is courtesy of Rana Imran at APP

7 responses to “Hot off the Urdu Press – 9”

  1. Adnan says:

    ATP continues to bring the best of your country.

    But, I wonder why I have not read a single post on the plight of Dr AFIA SIDDIQUI at this blog, as yet. I live in India, and here also people are concerned how a woman could be treated in such a manner.

    Hindustan Express wrote, ‘Apni ek iffat-maab behan ko darindon ke havaale karke, unhein chain ki neend kaise aati hogi’ about the cops who handed her over.

    Is she alive? What about her kids? Pakistaniat should have a post on her. I understand by reports that there is now anger in Pakistan, but I wonder what the Afghanis did.

    Unki ghairat ko kyaa huaa? Bagram mein prisoner number 650 ki cheekheN sunte rahe? No woman, or human, for that matter should be subjected to such torture, which I have heard she has put up with and lost her mental balance.

  2. Asma says:

    Weather reporter must have been recently shifted from afsana writing :)

    very nice share~

  3. Dawa-i-Dil says:

    Basheer has challenged Great Khali and he accepted it.

  4. GreenSufi says:

    The weather report is really sweet :)

  5. Saira says:

    Sorry to comment on something not related with the discussion at hand but I would like to request the team of Pakistaniat to write something on Aafia Siddiqui. I would like to read your perspective on this since I find it mostly unbiased and balanced. Plus your article will also help in highlighting the plight of this woman.

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