Posted on August 21, 2008
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120 responses to “Pakistanis Die. Pakistanis Cry. Again.”

  1. Tim Birdsong says:

    This is a Video Diary of me crying tears everyday for 40-days for the suffering people of Pakistan nity-Pakistan.html
    (Link back in to see video updates. I will make one video a day for 40 days, from Aug.

  2. Zaid Hamid says:

    Please see and circulate this video!

    This video of the latest edition of BrassTacks needs to be circulated to every Pakistani in the world! Do your duty and spread the word and expose the enemy game plan. The sinister game exposed is half the battle won for Pakistanis and Muslims.

    Zaid Hamid

  3. Qureshi says:

    I do not like Zardari much, but I think you need a politician to solve this violence and mess. If he can do that and stop these murders by the Taliban then he will have my support.

  4. Umar Shah says:

    This is the legacy of Zia -supporter of the Afghan mujahideen and a foreign war, Benazir -mother of the Talibaan, her interior minister who recruited Mullah Omar, Nawaz Sharif -fundamentalist pleaser and Musharraf -coerced partner in the ‘war on terror’. Each of these despots let foreigners roam around freely in the country, establish themselves and sow the seeds of hatred against genuine freedom, progress, right of free speech & anything good or worthwhile and the price was and is paid by Pakistanis every single time. If we dont want to become another Yugoslavia we have to force these Arabs, Uzbeks, Chechens, Afghans and misc other non-Pakistanis out of Pakistan to prevent them from poisoning the hearts and minds of our people into committing such acts.

  5. Syed Asim Hussain says:

    Dear Adil Najam. This is my first visit to your site today. I came here from the link on Adnan Siddiqi’s blog expecting something different. But I am amazed and moved by the sincerity and power of writing here from you and also from many of the commenters. I have read a number of posts here and all the comments and while the subjects are very sad they give me hope that we still have people with a sensitive heart who are willing to stand up and speak out for that which is right and true. Keep it up please.