Assorted Pakistani Music for the Weekend

Posted on October 5, 2008
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Owais Mughal

I have chosen following four Pakistani songs to go with the weekend today.

(1) Title: hum chale to hamare
Singer: Alamgir
Movie: jageer
Musician: Nisar Bazmi

I believe this was also the first movie song by Alamgir. Nisar Bazmi is credited for chosing him for this song. I have childhood memories of listening to this song on our home radio.

(2) Title: purani jeans
Singer: Ali Haider

First of all I am just happy to find this song after many years. I was in the University myself when this song came out and became an instant hit. Most of the college going guys in Pakistan could relate to the life style depicted in this song. For my group of friends, the connection was even more profound, as Ali Haider was in the same university as us except he was few years senior than our batch. I remember seeing him couple of times in the corridors of Civil Engineering. We never idolized him or anything but just that this song was something we could relate to. A pair of old jeans used to be the ‘national dress’ for many of us in the university.

(3) Title: kuch is tarah
Singer: Atif Aslam

For me this is one of the best songs of Atif Aslam. I can listen to it over and over again without getting tired.

(4) Title: ek husn ki devi se
Singer: Mehdi Hassan
Musician: Nisar Bazmi
Movie: meri zindagi hai naghma

The combination of Nisar Bazmi’s tune and Mehdi Hassan’s singing makes this song ever green.

7 responses to “Assorted Pakistani Music for the Weekend”

  1. Ali Haider has always been a great musician. These days Atif Aslam is also really good.

  2. Ahmad says:

    again, the memories from Pakistan, but the good news is i am going there today, my flight leaves in 4 hours and i am now waiting for the taxi to take me to airport :)

    I miss my Pakistan so much. I think right now I feel like Ali Haider when he sings the “Purani jeans” song :)

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