Posted on November 1, 2008
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Asma Mirza

Few days back I spotted this picture in DAWN, taken in a family park of Lahore.

I had to look closer to get an idea of merriness in the Merry Go Ride. Clinging at a good 180 degree the risk is just too evident.

Considering the usual state of maintenance at such parks, I personally won’t opt for riding one. Would you?

Image Courtesy: Dawn

16 responses to “Dangerous-Not-Merry-Go-Round”

  1. A for [pine]Apple says:

    Pre-Taliban as yet

  2. Umar Shah says:

    Is this pre or post Taliban Pakistan?

  3. mahrukh says:

    well i haven’t taking the ride yet…………..but u definitely would want to take it as i enjoy thrilling rides
    like ghazi i have also been to such thrilling rides almost throughout my lifetime, but as i stay in saudia so i would just pose a compariosn that although the rides in joyland are thrilling but to quite lesser extent and do seriously have a safety issue…………..even when ur on the crazy boat the few seconds u are upside down in the air u just feel that the seat belt might go off any minute……………and discovery is an open air ride compared to that……well god bless us all

  4. Jawahar says:

    For the sake of arguement, if you know that the ride is PERFECTLY SAFE… doesn’t that take away from the thrill of the ride? :)

    To be honest I don’t remember any serious accident(s) being reported about such rides, barring the one in Sozo, in recent memory.

    I’ve had this ride… but if you really want to be scared… try the Pirate Ship in Gulshan-e-Iqbal park, Lahore. The last time I was there, I was greeted with a seat without a harness, a rusty safety bar to cling on to and a ship that went just beyond vertical… INSANE! :)

  5. Ghazi says:

    i have actually been on this ride.

    let me give some background. i have been to several theme parks and sat on many rollercoaster. I always sit in the front seat. I have been through all kinds of ride from bungee jumps to 200 feet free falls…

    However, Discovery (the name of this ride in joyland) is the only one on which i was genuinely scared for my life. Once on the seat, i realized there are no safety harness, but just a measly illfitting seatbelt type of thing which fails to keep you in place. When you are upside down on this ride, you can just picture those little things snapping and you being scraped off the park floor.

    In short, you will not be able to get me back on this particular ride because i simply just dont find it safe enough!!!!

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