Posted on February 6, 2009
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82 responses to “A Tale of Two Migrations”

  1. Mansoor Baqai says:

    This comment is in reply to Salahuddin Tariq. I also went to Happy Dale boys school Nazimabad. Are you the same Salahuddin who use to live in Paposh Nagar?
    If Yes, please email me on



  2. Salahuddin Tariq says:

    You took me back in old golden days when we respect every body not because of his color skin or relegion. I am also from Nazimabad no 2. studied in Happy Dale and always proud of that. Living side by side with with Sunni or Shia had respect for each other and very helpful for each other not like today every one have two faces and materialistic.
    I thank you for writing this and think still there are very good people in this world who want to convey the message what we are today were not like that in old days.