Quiz Answers: Who Are These People?

Posted on February 15, 2009
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Bradistan Calling

Here are the answers to the photos below going row by row and Left to Right:

1. Mohammed Sarwar MP (1997 First Pakistani elected member parliament in UK)
2. Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (First Pakistami Muslim Female Lord-shadow minister for community cohesion for Conservative Party)
3. Sadiq Khan MP 2005 (First Pakistani MP in Greater London)
4. Khalid Mehmood MP (2001 2nd Pakistani MP in UK)
5. Lord Micael Nazir-Ali (First pakistani to become member of House of Lords)
5. Shahid Malik MP 2005 (Minister for International development Labour Government)

15 responses to “Quiz Answers: Who Are These People?”

  1. dilnawaz says:

    Breaking News: Lord Nazir Ahmed( Not Pictured) sent to prison for dangerous driving.on christmas day 08 while driving on M1 motor way, Lord Ahmed was busy writing SMS text on his mobile phone when his car hit a Slovakian man (wandering on the road after drink driving) resulting in the death of the Slovakian man

  2. dilnawaz says:

    jav thanks for kind comments

    Firstly Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham calls himself “British -Kashmiri” now it is arguble whether kashmiri is Pakistani or not.

    secondly Bradistan has got Marsha Singh MP, a socialist Sikh who supports Pakistan rather than India on all major issues.
    Tory Conservative Party always gives tickets to politicians who change loyalities on basis of tribes and baradary (village clans ) whether Mirpuri (kashmiri) or Attock(pak), which divides the pakistani votes.
    frankly, we rather have an intelligent sikh than fueding clans

  3. dil nawaz says:

    BTW “Michael” should be corrected, 2. Sayeeda Wari Lost General Elections to 6. Shahid Malik in Dewsbury but was given seat in house of Lords are advisor to David Cameron (which Pakistanis mis-pronounce as Daud “cameroon” a poor african country famous for football and vodoo)

  4. Jav says:

    All of the above are representatives of the Pakistani community in British politics:

    In order:

    1. Mohammad Sarwar
    2.Baroness Sayeeda Warsi
    3. Sadiq Khan
    5. Lord Micheal Nazir Ali
    6. Shahid Malik

    So why’s Lord Nazir Ahmed not on the list?

    On a side note: considering that the Pakistani community is the second largest ethnic minority community in the UK numbering around the 800,000 – to 1 million mark: surely we should have around 15-20 MP’s from our community, no?

    Also there happens to be around 70, 000 people of Pakistani origin that live in Bradford – so why is there no one from this community – in Parliament i.e in the House of Lords or the House of Commons?

    Come on you Bradistani’s- get your act together!

  5. Janeeta says:

    1. Mohammad Sarwar (Top Left)
    2. Sayeeda Warsi (Centre)
    3. Sadiq Khan ( Top Right)
    5. Micheal Nazir (Middle right)
    6. Shahid Malik ( Bottom)

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