Politically Incorrect or a Funny Ad?

Posted on March 17, 2009
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Owais Mughal

Many of you may also have received this photograph which has been circulating over email. It is a billboard ad. The Urdu words on the advertisement read as ‘Home and Office Furniture’.

Do you think it is a funny advertisement or a politically incorrect one? The purpose, one assumes, is to demonstrate the durability of the plastic furniture. Do you think it actually survived the test?

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18 responses to “Politically Incorrect or a Funny Ad?”

  1. Rizwan says:

    this is an ad and indeed conveying the message, but it is shodily done. this could have been better prepared

  2. Zag says:

    I think the only purpose of this picture in the billboard is to portray that the furniture is strong and durable.

    But it is funny though :)

  3. Shiraz says:

    Seems like this is a fake photo and was done using software (Adobe Photoshop etc)

    -Chair is of plastic and it cannot survive this much load :-)
    -Obverse that legs of chair are not even slightly bent…

  4. Faraz says:

    Don’t mean to take away the fun, but I gotta say this looks like a fake photo. The writing in Urdu and the photo of the guy just don’t go with the rest of the billboard.

  5. Watan Aziz says:

    ~~The Urdu words on the advertisement read as

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