Hot, Hurt and Revolutionary: “Police Maarey Gi Tou Inqilaab Kaisey Aayega?”

Posted on March 20, 2011
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I feel sorry for the poor guy. But more than that I find this very very funny. Actually, hilarious.

Yes, indeed, “hum inqilab kay leeaye aeen hai” and “iss garmi meiN kouN itna jaloos karta hai?”

The logic is impeccable. How can you have a revolution if the police starts beating up protesters! “Police waaley humaiN maareiN gay naeeN, tabb inqilab aaye ga!” Each line is more beautiful than the other: “Jab inqilab ki zaroorat hoti hai, ghar meiN har banda nikal aata hai?” Or how about this clincher: “Yeh mairey bhai garmee meiN kharab hou gayeN haiN!”

But what I love the most is the “MeiN Koee Jhoot Booliya?” routine. Iss saadgi pay aap ki qurban jaaeaye!

(I thought of trying to translate this, but I think that is not just impossible but also unconscionable. This has to be enjoyed in all its vernacular glory. I don’t want to be unkind to the young lad who seems well-meaning and should be commended for coming out and speaking up. But in the realm of funny videos this has to rank waaay up there, probably the only competition it has is from news reporter Chand Nawab, here).

44 responses to “Hot, Hurt and Revolutionary: “Police Maarey Gi Tou Inqilaab Kaisey Aayega?”

  1. Baba says:

    There is nothing funny in this. Tamashbeen is an idiot only here to do tamasha. She is yet to write an article. All she ever does is posts a picture or video, writes two sentences, then relies on commenters. Next time she blogs, don’t comment.

  2. Faheem says:

    Funny in how he puts it. But as others have said, there is also truth here.

  3. ayesha says:

    How innocent!!! My sweeto kid, we understand it’s very hot and the police is beating, no, pushing you around, so my suggestion is go back to your den, turn on an AC and open the TV and for once in your life, watch some decent news channel like Aljazeera and you would know that people in the world get actually KILLED in revolutions..the change you are advocating needs courageous souls, willing to die, to give up everything in secs…and if you ca’t understand all this, get drunk and party my boy..that suits you better!!

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