Posted on July 11, 2009
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18 responses to “Pakistan Police: Good Cop? Bad Cop?”

  1. sir _ji says:

    A police man do his duty 24 hours . he din not care of his life when any incident occur. we think that a police man keeps bribe and does not follow the law of country. He uses force for himself but if we see a police man when he is on his duty . we see that he does not get leave on the EID SHABRAT etc.How can we say that our police is not good. if you get a chance to do a duty with a police man when u recognize the importance of police. The blue light which is revolving over the police van causes to terrify the criminals. if this department is not built then we cannot control our crime and deviance.

  2. Nadeem says:

    Police is a very strong and well organized department. So which a person perform his duty under the control of this department , he become like a angel (Frishta). He become a very honest,poise man. Police man is a servant of the people. So its mean the person who works or performs his duty under the rule and regulation of law, he is good Police Man. There are black sheep in every department . Therefore, we cannot blame the whole department for some few bad cop.

    So Police Man is very good person and department is too.

    we may go to Hell with our bad deeds.

  3. POLICE can not be said as Good or Bad. By God They are all the worst. Any one who wears this uniform, is sufficient to take him to the Hell. No further comments.