Pakistan Police: Good Cop? Bad Cop?

Posted on July 11, 2009
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Owais Mughal

This signboard is painted on a wall at the Sukhan Police Station, Karachi.

This is what the folks at the Thanna believe are (or should be) the qualities of the Police Force in Pakistan.

The spelling mistakes (e.g., Courages) can be merely a case of Pinglish (we ourselves are not immune to these). But I do wonder why the word “Obedient” is there. Obedient to whom? And is that really a quality you want in your police force?

What do you think of this list. Are these the qualities we want in our police force?

Photographer Huma Imtiaz has generously allowed us to share this photo here.

18 responses to “Pakistan Police: Good Cop? Bad Cop?”

  1. Raza says:

    Pakistani Police ……….
    1-Polite hahaaaaaaaa they start with maa ki gaali and ends with behan ki gaali in between they inform you about all the findings about your whole family…..
    2-Obedient …….lolllllllll to whom ? to wadaira, zameendar, MNA’s and MPs and Gansters…..
    3-Loyal heeeeeheeeeheeeee…….. loyal to powerfuls and bribes……khali jaib waloon kay tu kapray uttar kar voh maar lagatay hain kay Allah bachaiee….
    4-Intelligent…..haahaaaahaaa come on mairay bhai…….Pakistan police and intelligent……hhooohooo… they are the dumbest thing you can ever found in the world.
    5-Courages ………lolllllll when there is a time , if they are few they run away leaving their guns and shoes behind them… and when they are in dozens they kick poor man butts so hard and everyone share the ‘chanta prade’ kay sar ghoom jai aur tangoon say chala na jai……
    6-Efficient :):):))))))))))))):):):) efficient in finding out ways to extrot money from victims and their family, motorcycle riders, driver without licence, couple sitting in a park or on beach……

    come on mairay bhaiyoo there is no good cop bad cop in this country………there is only corrupt cop…….thats how they are hired, trained and serve this nation…… anyone who thinks all cops r not same lives in some other world…..wake up its not USA …… jayee na kissi thanay main lag pata jayee ga ……..yah phir kabhi dain kiss police walay ko talashi whithout mentioning your reach……
    no kidding please

  2. Voyageur says:

    ‘A good joke’ – Do I need to say it?

    Actually, it’s a joke with the people of Pakistan, a mockery at our system.

  3. Memoona Saqlain says:

    Well well we’ve such brilliant brains here in Pakistan and especially in the police department. Its a marvelous piece of writing no doubt, but a very hearty joke as well.

  4. Sonu says:

    “Efficient” is the one that really throws me off. I can imagine them being polite, obedient, loyal, intelligent and even “courages”, but efficient? that’s the funniest one of them all personally.

  5. Benawa says:

    The correct Urdu word for “intelligent” is “zaheen.”
    “Courages,” can not be dismissed as “Pinglish.” This probably is a genuine spelling error… (Someone “courageous” needs to
    report this error to the “authorities.” )

    (2) Obedient? Did they mean to say, “Law-abiding?”

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