Pakistan Police: Good Cop? Bad Cop?

Posted on July 11, 2009
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Owais Mughal

This signboard is painted on a wall at the Sukhan Police Station, Karachi.

This is what the folks at the Thanna believe are (or should be) the qualities of the Police Force in Pakistan.

The spelling mistakes (e.g., Courages) can be merely a case of Pinglish (we ourselves are not immune to these). But I do wonder why the word “Obedient” is there. Obedient to whom? And is that really a quality you want in your police force?

What do you think of this list. Are these the qualities we want in our police force?

Photographer Huma Imtiaz has generously allowed us to share this photo here.

18 responses to “Pakistan Police: Good Cop? Bad Cop?”

  1. Annie says:

    yeh tu zarorat-e-rishta ka ishtahar lagta hai………:)

  2. DuFFeR - ??? says:

    these are the qualities our police possess for the influential class of our society

  3. ATP Fan says:

    Dome comments on this from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “honesty is the best policy?”
    – “Joke of the LIFE ! :P”
    – “Yes ‘obedience’ to any current govt ;) and they cant spell courageous because they don’t know what it means.”
    – “They can be, it they are sincere, otherwise same as they are now”
    – “”Laiq” for Efficient?”
    – “Aray rehnay do yar yeh nahi ho sakt or agar ye ho jay to unahi pakistani police kon kahay ga ………!”
    – “Yes, I would say obedience to the law would be a great virtue for police, but then I live in America, where cops regularly break speed limits and run red lights for no apparent reason, and I won’t even start here on police brutality.”
    – “All the Pakistani fellows with such hopeless comments and criticism thanks for showing your nationalism. I belong to the same country, i understand the meaning of your complaints but dont forget Pakistan and Pakistaniat is responsibility of each and every individual. Police and all the other departments are easy to be blamed but lets review ourselves as individuals, we cant even use nice words and express thoughts to be recognised as Pakistanis. Good day all.”
    – “oh yeah thats true, we dont see mirror to watch our own face instead we like to see through glass to watch others just to get a chance to blame them. Yeah thats my saying :)”
    – “may bee per kuch kharab loogo ki wajha say sub ko kharab nahi kaha jasakta.aj kal (karachi police ki baat karraha hu)buhat acha behaviour hai un ka although un mai bhi kuch achay hai kuch buray”
    – “karachi community police is best and well manner But ordinary police which consist on diffrent parts of pakistan is very curropt..and crimainals”

  4. omerfarooq says:

    By Obedient they meant, Obedient to Rules, Regulations, Ethics.

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    Ahmad, you made me smile :)

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