Seeing Eye to Eye in Okara

Posted on July 30, 2009
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Owais Mughal

This closeup portrait of a young buffalo is from Okara, Pakistan.

The photographer seems to have the full attention of his subject. Also note a wooden stick in left background. It is called khonta in Urdu and killa in Punjabi. One day when this buffalo will grow up, it may become powerful enough to run away with this ‘killa’.

I draw your attention to this scenario because I wanted to share this sher, which others might also recall:

bheNs cudd ke laay gayee killa
laa hol wala quwwat illa billa

Well I wanted to present this image as our ‘photo of the day’ but as usual my mind and typed words have gone away from Okara, killa to a runaway buffalo. So I will stop here. Enjoy the priceless expressions above.

Photo Credits: With many thanks to Mr. Farhan Bhatti who generously shared this photo with us.
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10 responses to “Seeing Eye to Eye in Okara”

  1. Naan Haleem says:

    Bechari bhens… jawani mein kaani ho gaee :S

  2. Roshan says:

    Polee mujay tu kee janain anaarkali diyaan shanaan

  3. Umar Shah says:

    bhainse kat kay lay gaee killa
    lahaul willa quwat illah billah!

  4. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “lolx@ shair”
    – “love the shair”
    – “LOL… great poetry!”
    – “Aala hai yar ye to…”
    – “wa zabardast”
    – “very nice pose …”
    – “hahaha nice pose!!!!”
    – “nice cow :P”
    – “shooo cute!!!!=)”
    – “cutteee”
    – “i think he or she belong to sahiwal….”
    – “no he iz from GUJJAR family………….”
    – “hahahahahah”
    – “hahhahahaha wah poetry hoto asee ….. Faraz na ya shair sunlia hota to pata nai kya hoya hota”
    – “Nice close up”
    – “what da hell is going on wid dis innocent BHENS..”
    – “hahaha”

  5. Azlan says:


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