Making Sawaiyan (Vermicelli)

Posted on September 16, 2009
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Owais Mughal

Have you ever wondered where sewayyian or sawaiyan (Vermicelli) comes from?

This is how this Eid delicacy begins its life. In this picture a worker is seen preparing vermicelli (sewayyian) at grand scale in Rawalpindi in preparation for upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr.

If you are wondering what happened to the sawaiyan-maker’s shirt, take a look at the next photograph.

Its hanging on the pole to the right of the photograph!

Enjoy your saywiaan this Eid, everyone.

Photo Credits: Abid Zia at APP

24 responses to “Making Sawaiyan (Vermicelli)”

  1. Adam Insaan says:

    … thought me saw…
    VERM(atodes) I(n) the CELLI(ng) and a human being

    Well ,just kidding

    -by the way I don`t really know how much appetite I am possesing after having read and seen the article….
    can hardly have huge talab for Vermicelli at the forthcoming Eid, with this in fresh mind…….
    I might even have traumatized my taste buds for a time…….

  2. Nostalgic says:

    Yet another example that ignorance is bliss…

    Anyone been inside mithai shop kitchens? It is a tried and tested cure of the sweet tooth syndrome…

  3. Raheel says:

    I considered them to be ‘factory-made’. AND this isn’t a good scene to view while Eid is so close. *yuks*

  4. Aamer says:

    I am still unsure as to HOW they are made.

    The pictures only tell us of the environment that they are made it. But how do those long hanging things come about?

  5. haroon says:

    wow. Amazing pics.
    Never realized that this is how sawaiyan are actually made!

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