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Posted on September 20, 2009
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Owais Mughal and Adil Najam

From all of us at All Things Pakistan (ATP; Pakistaniat.Com) we wish our regular readers, our contributors, and all passers-by Eid Mubarak. We wish you happiness, prosperity and all things good; now and forever.

Today, we want all of you to help us write this post for us.

Tell us, please, what Eid in Pakistan means to you by filling in the sentence that starts with “Eid is…”

Here are a few picture – all from Pakistan in the last 3 days – that might help spur some ideas about what Eid is in Pakistan.

We are particularly interested in how you would complete this sentence in terms of the truly ‘Pakistani’ social norms that have evolved around the event.

You can complete the sentence as many times as you want; in ways that are humorous, thoughtful, philosophical, even cynical; but, please, not spiteful.

Here are a few ways in which we (the two of us and Bilal Zuberi) thought we might build the sentence when we first did a version to this post 3 years ago:

  • Eid is… when the postman comes to your door and then refuses to give you the mail until ‘Eidee’ is given to him.
  • Eid is… Not being able to eat much on Eid day because your body finally got adjusted to the roza routine!
  • Eid is… going to Eid prayers in old chappals for fear of losing my new ones.
  • Eid is… traffic jams on Chaand Raat and people pour out for last minute shopping… And sight-seeing!
  • Eid is… taking my mother and sister to the darzi on a daily basis after the 20th roza.
  • Eid is… when people hug each other and forget their differences; at least for a little while.

24 responses to “Eid is…”

  1. aftab says:

    Eid is s religious occasion which clearly teaches the lesson of peace, kindness & humanitarian behavior which is the basic point of Islam.

  2. madeeha says:

    Eid is to share happiness with each other without any differences and to remember those (specially children) who are not in good position that they can not wear and eat well on this beautiful day…eid is to remember these people bcoz they are just like our brothers and sisters and children , as they also have the right to celebrate eid like us…..try to spent some time and share happiness with them also. May Allah bless us all. Ameen

  3. Abdul Hai says:

    This Eid reminded me for the last three days about the death of 20 women and children who lined up to get a bag of flour in Karachi while we have had huge and expensive meals.

  4. abdul bari says:

    eid is when friends to whom you didnt text greeting the whole year text you and say happy eid mubarak

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