Where is the Pakistan Military Headed?

Posted on October 11, 2009
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Adil Najam

The military is never really out of the news in Pakistan. Nor is it ever far from the center of Pakistan politics. But recent event have brought the question of where the Pakistan military is headed into even sharper relief than usual.

There is much speculation – maybe too much speculation – on where the Pakistan military is headed in the coming days and weeks.

There are some who argue that following the attack on the GHQ the military will act even more swiftly on extremists in Pakistan – whether in the Waziristan region or in Southern Punjab. Others feel that the furore created by the Kerry-Lugar Bill has so poisoned the civil-military relationship in Pakistan that even the immediate future of Pakistan’s political displacements may (again) be in doubt. Yet others would argue that while the tensions are all real, the military is in that phase that comes after each prolonged period of military rule when it prefers to remain in the political background while it consolidates its public image.

My own current sense is that there may be some truth in all three scenarios. Possibly in a combination of the three. Of course, there could be other directions in the mix too. What do you think? Where is the Pakistan military headed in the next many days? And what does that mean about where Pakistan is headed?

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  1. shakeel says:

    Our ‘democratic’ Army should have sealed and better protected our border with Afghanistan when this WOT started. Today, we would been better off!

  2. Nadeem Ahsan says:

    Pakistan’s army is a democratic army trapped in an undemocratic polity. If it is becoming an undemocratic army, then we are responsible for pushing it in that direction.

  3. shakeel says:

    One of the reasons why Pakistan cannot move forward is that we cant let bygones be bygones. No, we have to bring old issues back on the table and discuss it as if it will solve anything.

    Forget who ruled ever since independence. Let’s talk about what should be done now!

    Army is corrupt and if it was not for my respect for those who sacrificed their lives, I’d even call them pathetic. (I mean, they have not won a single war, cant defend the citizens against terrorists, allowed terrorists to roam and kill people in Swat for years before they woke up etc )

    Politicians are the same thing. Anti Pakistan, sell outs, corrupted from toe to heads ..

    And ‘Pakistani’, please change your nick. It’s shameful that you have to use foul language in a discussion site. You are proving exactly why people dont want Army Rule in this country – you are not prepared to listen and understand other views; just like those so called heroes in green uniforms.

    The future of Pakistan is to be decided in the next few weeks I feel. Either there is no stopping her going down the drains, or else, she will rise up and defeat the enemy. Politicians, Army, people, and everybody else – corrupt and pathetic as they may be – need to join hands and forget their difference for the good of the Nation and fight together.

    We need to fight with a punch .. not with a weak slap. Together, we are strong.

    My personal prediction: Pak is finished. Hope to be proved wrong in few weeks.

  4. Calculating_Misfit says:

    @ Pakistani
    “The army (countless Ghazi and Shaheed) have protected Pakistan for over 60 years.”

    Really you mean by losing half the country with their antics and crude behavior (e.g. throwing out elections rightfully won East Pakistani political parties)? Or getting into bed with the Talibs that are now butchering us? Or allow these militants to brainwash our children? Thanks for your efforts in flushing us down the toilet.

    “They are the ones who have protected your mothers from being raped by the Hindu and Sikh forces across the border.”

    I don’t seem to recall the hindus and sikhs starting a war to rape our mothers, do you?

    “The shaheeds have sacrificed their today for your tomorrow”

    Nope, they have sacrificed their today to get rich tomorrow.

  5. Daud says:

    Very important for Pakistan that the military concentrates right now only on fighting the Taliban and ptting these killers and religious extremism down. Nothing else should be the priority of the military today.

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