Where is the Pakistan Military Headed?

Posted on October 11, 2009
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Adil Najam

The military is never really out of the news in Pakistan. Nor is it ever far from the center of Pakistan politics. But recent event have brought the question of where the Pakistan military is headed into even sharper relief than usual.

There is much speculation – maybe too much speculation – on where the Pakistan military is headed in the coming days and weeks.

There are some who argue that following the attack on the GHQ the military will act even more swiftly on extremists in Pakistan – whether in the Waziristan region or in Southern Punjab. Others feel that the furore created by the Kerry-Lugar Bill has so poisoned the civil-military relationship in Pakistan that even the immediate future of Pakistan’s political displacements may (again) be in doubt. Yet others would argue that while the tensions are all real, the military is in that phase that comes after each prolonged period of military rule when it prefers to remain in the political background while it consolidates its public image.

My own current sense is that there may be some truth in all three scenarios. Possibly in a combination of the three. Of course, there could be other directions in the mix too. What do you think? Where is the Pakistan military headed in the next many days? And what does that mean about where Pakistan is headed?

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  1. Aamir Ali says:

    @Calculating Misfit Indian

    Go to Kashmir or read about Partition to find Muslim women raped by Hindus and Sikhs. Please stay out of internal Pakistani matters.

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