Mr. Chief Justice, Give Them a Hearing

Posted on November 16, 2009
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Adil Najam

I realize that Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry has much, maybe too much, on his plate right now. And all of immense consequence. He and his court will be judged on how they deal with these monumental issues. But they will also be judged on whether they can give the ordinary Pakistani a confidence in the justice system.

That sense of confidence – now lacking – is as consequential to Pakistan’s future as any other decision that this Chief Justice and this court will make. For that reason alone, one hopes that Mr. Chief Justice will take heed of this news report. So should all of us.

I do not have enough details of this case to make up my mind. But that is not the point. The point is that these parents who have lost their daughter deserve justice to be served. Deserve to find out what really happened. Deserve to bring closure to their immense loss.

Every Pakistani deserves that.

17 responses to “Mr. Chief Justice, Give Them a Hearing”

  1. SJH says:

    The provision of justice at the individual level is in fact the most monumental issue faced by any justice system. Justice is ultimately about individuals interacting with other individuals, with groups of individuals or the state. Please keep us informed of how this case progresses. I would like to know.

  2. ali says:

    Justice should be served indeed.No matter how busy the CJ is he should look into this matter. The parents should be compensated by the government as it is the duty of the government of the day to provide security to its citizens.The culprits should be arrested and punished.These activities are taking place in Pakistan on a regular basis , many of them are not even is high time that a comprehensive surgery is performed on the police department, not forgetting the madarsas as well.The surgery on the police department is always delayed as the government of the day uses the police department for its own end.It is high time that the government refrains from this and clean up the department once and for all across the country. Pressure from the media and the public at large is needed in this regard.

  3. Mike says:

    Sorry folks, don’t expect too much justice from Pakistan’s current CJ. He will take on only populist cases which help to enhance him image.

    Here is an interesting article on Newsline: ony/

  4. Sajjad says:

    We need to contribute….lets spread this among your drivers, gatekeeper or anyone of the lower class individual you have access to, that never ever send your children specially daughters to Madersaahs, quote them this example. Dont use madersshas services for this Eid. We must react against these forces.

  5. Hira Mir says:

    I think the market should be left on its own. It should not be intervened by bodies such as judicial. The media has an important role to play here. They should not be attacking their own collegue journalists of International media organizations such as the incident happened with Mathew Rosenberg and create more issues and affect the repute of Pakistan even more Internationally. Now all these International journalists are really concernec about all this and they wrote the Government a letter to take steps to cater this. Guys give this article a read as you might find it informative as what the print media is upto:

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