Posted on November 21, 2009
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38 responses to “1971: The Lessons We Did Not Learn”

  1. amitk says:

    Mr Imran, you went a little overboard in discussing a good point. India DID NOT started 1971 war. It was pre-emptive air strike by Pakistan air force on December 3 that marked official start of this war. I checked many independent sources on this war on Internet and I could not find one telling that India started the war.The incident of 21 Nov that you are talking about happened in then east Pakistan. In East, bangla people had declared it as an independent state, 10 millions bangla refugees had crossed border to India, millions were killed and thousands were raped, India had declared support for Mukti Bahini and hence this insurgency can not be attributed as an official start of war of 1971. If Yahya was seriously considering this incident as start of war then he would have reacted militarily in a day or two, why wpuld he wait till December 3?

  2. amar says:

    you have hit the nail on its head the reasons for pakistans breakup was west pakistanis not accepting awami leagues success and not allowing mujib to become head of state. had mujib become head of state pakistan would certainly not broke up outsiders only interfere in household when there is internal squabbling bengali hindus certainly inflamed muslim bengalis for revolt which they paid heavily in number of being killed by pak army but bengali muslims were treated as second class citizens in their own soil from outset of independence from britain and british india similar to kasmiris in india.rather than blaming outsiders always when there is conflict in house or in nation first put stick under your own seat then blame others similar to kashmir scenario kashmiris are treated as second class on their own soil expansionist views are copied from western and german theroies about expansionism more territory for master race or german people than inferior races like russians which donot hold for india or pakistan because both are cartoon states fighting with imported western technology and weapons no indigenous industry or weapons like a clever person in village giving weapons to both parties and himself staying out conflict more breakup of nations in asia and africa in next 10 years written in steel sudan, nigeria indonesia india pakistan iraq malaysia burma into smaller states allow unrepresented nations to be free in asia and africa and south america not harp on territories like germans in world wars for blue eyed blond boys master race and intellect

  3. Benawa says:

    May the peace loving pragmatists prevail, no matter what
    country thay happen to be in!

    I wish there were more Indian like Ved and Mst. Bless you both!
    Unfortunately, sensible beings like you two are outnumbered
    by so many of your acid-tongued (or I shoud say “toxic-penned”) countrymen whose favourite past-time seems to be
    to spew venom about Pakistan, curse its existence, and lament
    partition. And they are all over the cyber-space– I suppose
    because there are many more Indians than Pakistanis.

    I just want Indians to move on and accept Pakistan’s existence
    once and for all. (Go with the “Libertarian”– assume that
    Pakistan is “toxic asset” and let it be! Just leave it alone.)
    To Libertarian: Quit quoting Jinnah out of context, and quit