ATP Poll: NRO Null and Void. Now What?

Posted on December 18, 2009
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Adil Najam

The Supreme Court has spoken. And spoken loudly. The NRO, they say, is null and void. What they do not say – and should not, since it is not in their mandate – is what should happen now to all that was unfolded as a result of the NRO. That is for politics to decide.

So, we thought in this latest ATP Poll we would ask you, our readers, what yo think should happen.

It was a little difficult to come up with what the options are so we based these on the comments on our recent NRO post. Do please tell us which of these options you would want and why. Do also feel welcome to add other options in the comments section; but don’t let that keep you from voting on these ones.

27 responses to “ATP Poll: NRO Null and Void. Now What?”

  1. Syed Imran Zaidi says:

    I agree with the majority in regards to poll. However 99% of the cases were establish during November 1990 and April 1993 and then again between Feb 1997 – Oct 1999, in sheer hate of certain political leaders and he acknowledge this all that cases were baseless and were created due to of political reasons while he was in exile in London and Musharaf was the president of Pakistan. The interesting part is that there is only one case got a final judgment in Pakistan and was over turned later as proofed that Judge was leaning to one side.
    Now coming to this verdict from SC again seems were political. It seems like SC used all there power go against one person and one political party. My question to Mr Chief Justice is that if he is so sincere to country and public then there are many other cases where he can take action but he is tight lipped WHY?

  2. MQ says:

    Agree with Eidee Man on this.

    Shari’a, as it is touted, is euphemism for the rule of the mullahs, not the rule of law. As it is practiced, it is a system of terror and tyranny. We have had a glimpse of it recently in Swat, when Sufi Muhammad-Fazlullah gave us preview of their system of shari’a.

  3. Eidee Man says:

    @Amin Gani,

    if that really were a demand of the Pakistani people, don’t you think they would not elect the most liberal part every time? Furthermore, don’t you think the religious parties would get more than 2-3% of the vote? Seems like you live somewhere else….

  4. AMIN GANI says:

    Any sensible person can see consiprecis since its independence to deprive the people of pakistan to impliement shariah which was the main cause /ideology for demanding

  5. Hira Mir says:

    It is in the best interest of country democracy that this government completes its tenure. We should not focus on NRO this much that we forget our war on extremism. Lets fight extremism from our country generally as one United Nation.

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