ATP Poll: NRO Null and Void. Now What?

Posted on December 18, 2009
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Adil Najam

The Supreme Court has spoken. And spoken loudly. The NRO, they say, is null and void. What they do not say – and should not, since it is not in their mandate – is what should happen now to all that was unfolded as a result of the NRO. That is for politics to decide.

So, we thought in this latest ATP Poll we would ask you, our readers, what yo think should happen.

It was a little difficult to come up with what the options are so we based these on the comments on our recent NRO post. Do please tell us which of these options you would want and why. Do also feel welcome to add other options in the comments section; but don’t let that keep you from voting on these ones.

27 responses to “ATP Poll: NRO Null and Void. Now What?”

  1. Eraj Danish says:

    @obaid. I cudnt agree to you more. We need CLAIM OF JUSTICE. About time someone leads us to the RIGHT PATH! I am sick of seeing dead bodies everyday who are innocent. The killers of x-PM or hundreds roam around free and no one is to question them.

  2. Obaid says:

    The result of all this drama is that everyone except PPP now has NRO.

    Iftikhar Ch and other judges have NRO from signing the PCO valid and taking oath on PCO. Iftikhar Ch has NRO from corruption in regards to his son’s promotion. Nawaz Sharif and Co has NRO from attack on Supreme Court (treason), conspiring against sitting government with army generals (treason) and all the corruption (tax evasion, money laundering, making money through import/export fraud and so on). Army generals have NRO form conspiracy against sitting government and all corruption/commissions. Mullahs have NRO form giving the usurper Musharaf legitimacy through 17 amendment (effectively sharing in Musharaf’s treason) and then getting monetary gains through participating in government with the usurper Musharaf (illegal monetary gains).

    Still there is claim of justice been done?

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