NRO Struck Down by the Supreme Court

Posted on December 16, 2009
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Owais Mughal

I am watching TV and writing these lines. Just now the news has come that Supreme Court of Pakistan has struck down National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).

As I am changing channels, I just saw Imran Khan demanding mid-term elections. PML(N) guys seem to be asking for the resignation of President on ‘moral’ grounds where as PPP guys seem to be saying ‘nothing doing’ while on record they are saying they ‘welcome’ the decision. Atleast one, Farhatullah Babar has said President ‘will not’ resign.

The implication of this decision is that all the cases taken back as part of reconcilitation will/can be reopened.

On another channel I saw Abdul Hafeez Peerzada and Dr. Mubashir Hassan’s combined press conference where both of them are saying this is a ‘historic’ decision of Supreme Court and it has restored the pride of Pakistan in the comity of nations.

Few minutes ago I was driving across Karachi roads where shops and businesses were geting closed in anticipation of this decision.

Here is the news update at the daily News and the daily Dawn.

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32 responses to “NRO Struck Down by the Supreme Court”

  1. Eraj Danish says:

    good job guys keep it up. Some hope for the nation. If corruption and extremism is finished by the army and judicial system I have a strong believe Pakistan will be on the right path inshalla.

  2. Bangash says:

    Awam elected these corrupt politicians and Zardari, awam is now dancing at this verdict, awam will soon re-elect these corrupt politicians. Awam are to be congratulated on their wisdom.

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