NRO Struck Down by the Supreme Court

Posted on December 16, 2009
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Owais Mughal

I am watching TV and writing these lines. Just now the news has come that Supreme Court of Pakistan has struck down National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).

As I am changing channels, I just saw Imran Khan demanding mid-term elections. PML(N) guys seem to be asking for the resignation of President on ‘moral’ grounds where as PPP guys seem to be saying ‘nothing doing’ while on record they are saying they ‘welcome’ the decision. Atleast one, Farhatullah Babar has said President ‘will not’ resign.

The implication of this decision is that all the cases taken back as part of reconcilitation will/can be reopened.

On another channel I saw Abdul Hafeez Peerzada and Dr. Mubashir Hassan’s combined press conference where both of them are saying this is a ‘historic’ decision of Supreme Court and it has restored the pride of Pakistan in the comity of nations.

Few minutes ago I was driving across Karachi roads where shops and businesses were geting closed in anticipation of this decision.

Here is the news update at the daily News and the daily Dawn.

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32 responses to “NRO Struck Down by the Supreme Court”

  1. ShahidnUSA says:

    An open letter to the President of Pakistan

    Mr Asif Ali Zardari,

    With all due respect, after a little research I concluded that you have no credibility in pakistan and around the world.
    Pakistan would have received much larger aid, loans and assitance if you were not the President. Sir anybody who applies for a job anywhere in the world, the employer do a background and a police record check. But Sir. you are holding the highest post in pakistan.

    Please do not insult your party, if you think that there is no other capable candidate to replace you besides your son.
    Please step down.

    Thank you in anticipation,

    A Private letter to the President

    Dear President,
    Aap ko Allah ki kasam Please do NOT leave the presidency. You are the most liberal and openminded president after that drunk ZAB and yahya khan. I dont care if you take the 10% as long as you give 90% back o the country.
    You are way better than that Dumb A** Nawaz Sharif, who put me to snooze, everytime I try to understand him in his interviews. Or that stern and rude, Musharaf, Well what do you expect from a dictator.
    If you want your son to be the president in future, it will cost you 15 %. Would you like my swiss bank account #?
    Thanks in anticipation,

  2. yousuf says:

    While the decision of SC has added momemtary joy to the people who want to see the rule of law prevailing every where and for everyone, i am really perturbed by the cool of the PPPwalas.
    These guys have no conscience or shame, their Info Minister N that artist of negativity Farhatullah Babar who make a ZERO sum out of all the corruption charges of sale out of our nation by the PPP and the man on the hill.

    The nation should consider that since the time PPP is in saddle of Govt, things are getting bad to worst, the silent ZULM they are perpetuating on the nation by their nefarious policies and activity and outright sell out is having a gross effect on the economics and moral of the country, even it has stopped to rain here.

  3. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    -“what wil u loose more?
    which terror u talkin ove , the drones or its suic
    idal reactions?”
    – “here r some vvv goood n some sad comments but i like zeshaan’s comments i really like his comments n sorry sister maria why we blame our politicians?
    vvvv simple bc we sent them in essemblies wth vote them , they should b thankful of usn they should do more thn much better 4 us…
    n u people know better wat r they doing 4 us…?
    u knw the progress rate was above 17 in the period of last goverment but vvv sorry to saying tht it is only something above 3 right now…
    u can also compare stock market index rates…
    i m really happy supreme court hv re-opened all cases but i request to CJ please take the trial of all culpurits plz plz…
    God Bless Pakistan…”
    – “we need a goverment not personalities…
    i request u people dont see who is governing just try to note how he is governing either he is a FOUJI or elected culpirt person….”
    – “just wait and see what happen”
    – “a big clap for our judiciary..atleast judiciary is now on right track and will drag the legislation and excutive also on the right path…”
    – ” I’m not sure whether this good or bad.”
    – “well done CJ !”
    – “all we know about pakistan, its leaders and its people,i must say to take action against zardari wheather he is our president thats it.”
    – “Why is that whenever the ordinary people (the awam) ELECT a govt. the educated elite and/or the military figure out a way to get rid of the elected government on this or that pretext ? Zardari came to power through fair elections. Let him complete his term. If you do not like him or his govt’s policies then focus your energies, resources and passion to beat him and his party in the next elections. It serves no one’s purpose to try to win in court of law what you lost in the court of public opinion.”

  4. Adnan Siddiqi says:

    Our friend Aamir Ali is very bhola and innocent. Aamir Ali does not know that common man today is suffering more due to corrupt people like politicians than anyone else.

    And if Aamir thinks that Iftikhar CH has become “enemy” of entire political class then a Pakistan would welcome to getrid of such corrupt class of the society which has been sucking the country since beginning.

    @Gauhar: NRO is not anti-PPP thing. There are cases against MQM and PML(N-Q) as well.

  5. Aamir Ali says:

    Iftkhar Chaudry and his LFO gang were previously just enemies of Musharraf, and because of Mushy’s unpopularity, they were able to get away with it. Now with this judgement against reconcliation, they have become enemies of the entire political class, except their buddy Nawaz Sharif. I would also venture that the current judiciary is a de-facto enemy now of what in Pakistan is called “establishment”.

    Given that Iftikhar Chaudhry is himself guilty of Article 6 of the constitution, and only saved by the 17th Amendment, lets see where he and his gang end up in the coming few years.

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