Posted on January 3, 2010
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7 responses to “In Their Zeal of Painting”

  1. Owais Mughal says:

    The reason I got stuck with this plastic chair and took the photo was to appreciate the ‘jazba‘ (zeal/passion) that must’ve went behind painting it :) It made me smile and it made me wonder ‘why would someone do that?’ at the same time.

    Note how the painter has made a small patch of ‘red’ in the front of the chair. The rear leg also seem to be painted red. Also note how top of the chair has a bit of ‘green’. I tried to imagine the color ‘formula’ that must’ve gone through painter’s head while painting the details here and I thought this is a photo worth taking.

  2. Eraj Danish says:

    good one. These people are the bravest I suppose. A time in which extremism has hit our country hard. The security people are on the frontline as I would like to say. I praise them for doing their duties and yea I like the painting too ;) Good post.