Posted on January 7, 2010
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38 responses to “Nihari…Passions and Traditions”

  1. behta darya says:

    Gaye Dino Ka Suragh Le Kar. Kidhar Se Aaya Kidhar Gaya Woh

    Kia kia yaad dila diya

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    Yousuf saheb. aap ne to darya ko koozay mein band kar dia hai. Yours is a very informative comment on how the color is brought to nihari as well as how the toppings can be put together. I learnt new things.

  3. yousuf says:

    A very nice and informative article written well by Mr.M.A.Abdal. I remember the best Nihari in a small lane near Bhora Peer, it was finished well before 7am, and it was really classy suff unlike the one dished out at Burns road, and in Lahore inside Lohari gate, it was next best thing. In those early days Asli Ghee was kilo a pittance and was reely used without any fears propagated by Allopathic doctors and it.

    Dehliwala ladies started cooking it at home as some hygenic buffs would not touch the stuff from the Burns road or Sabris. Besides the colour of Bazari Niharis is so unappetisingly dark, so innovations of Baisan or well pulvarised roasted grams (bhooni Chani sans their black skins) adds golden hue to the dish. Another innovation is to liquidise Hara Dhania, Adrak, Hari Mirch and add lemon juice to it, instead of whole stuff is more delicious as it adds more kick and delicacy to the dish.

    For the information of the readrs Khatai is pulvarised dried green mango and Dehliwallas of yore used ths stuff freely to make any dish tangy, but now Citric Acid is added to the Nihari Masalas, which has same effect and is less taxing on the throats.

    I really miss Nasim Nihari masala, it was incomparible in preparing Nihari and i think the secret of its flavour was in adding Badyan Khatai, which is not added by any of the spice companies.