Mohammad Ayaz Abdal It was in the wee hours of morning that the telephone rang. I am talking about the late 50s when having the landline telephone was a sign of luxury. My grandfather picked up the phone waking up from deep sleep and with a fear in his heart that something has gone wrong […]

The Name of Karachi in Strange Places

Posted on October 1, 2010
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Mohammad Ayaz Abdal I have always come across Karachi in places I can never expect. While walking in Colombo, Sri Lanka, I came across the Karachi Restaurant which was offering Nihari for breakfast. I was checking on Google maps, where I found out atleast 7 streets in the world named after Karachi (listed in Appendix […]

The Dog Days of IBA

Posted on September 2, 2010
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Mohammad Ayaz Abdal It was a hot, sunny and sticky day (as if there is any other kind in Karachi) when I got my notice of admission to the IBA. I survived, not just the initial written test but also the dreaded group interview. If you have ever seen a trembling rabbit in the sights […]