The Name of Karachi in Strange Places

Posted on October 1, 2010
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Mohammad Ayaz Abdal

I have always come across Karachi in places I can never expect. While walking in Colombo, Sri Lanka, I came across the Karachi Restaurant which was offering Nihari for breakfast. I was checking on Google maps, where I found out atleast 7 streets in the world named after Karachi (listed in Appendix below). For example look at the photo to the right. This book title Assignment Karachi comes up everytime you search for a book on Karachi at But the funniest way that I have ever across Karachi was in professional wrestling.

I was reading a Wrestling blog (yes i am a big fan of wrestling and i know that it is fake) where I noticed a wrestling stable or gang known as the Karachi Vice. I thought for a moment that it must be the name of a new political party and wondered if our politicians have finally seen the light but this feeling was short lived. The Karachi Vice wrestling guys were pretty active in the 70s and 80s. See their photo to the left. And you know what, now the kids of Karachi Vice guys have started their own wrestling group called the New Karachi Vice.

This group was active in Stampede Wrestling which is a famous name in Canadian Wrestling circles. As per Gama Singh, the leader of the gang

Everybody still talks about the Karachi Vice…It was an accidental thing, how it came about. There was myself and Mike Shaw, who I had changed his name to Makhan Singh, and we had Steve DiSalvo and Kerry Brown. I think we were all doing an interview together, we did a few interviews for a few weeks in a row, and then it just sort of came out. ‘This is the Karachi Vice’, because Miami Vice, the TV show, was quite hot at the time. And then the people just picked up from that. The following week, we saw all kinds of signs coming out — Karachi Ice, Karachi Mice and that sort of thing [laughing]. We just kind of followed through and kept it going from there. It became quite a hot thing for a couple of years at least.

Following is the photo of the New Karachi Vice.

Have you come across Karachi in strange places?

1. Karachi Street, Midway Point, Tasmania, Australia
2. Karachi Street, Crestmead, Queensland, Australia
3. Karachi Way, Socorro, TX, United States
4. Karachi Street, West Bloomfield Township, MI,
5. Karachi Close, Tidworth, United Kingdom
6. Karachi Crescent, Wellington, New Zealand
7. Karachi Street, Lenasia, Gauteng, South Africa

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  1. Cyma says:

    Very interesting list. I have also seen a lot of Lahore references all over the world

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